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8 Pros and Cons of Being a 3D Modeler

Creating 3D models is a job that many people with artistic talents want to pursue. Are you looking for the advantages and disadvantages of being a 3D modeler? Should I pursue this career for many years? This article will be the answer for you!

We will help you best understand its career prospects and how to become a 3D modeling artist for your reference. Keep reading for more details!

Each career has its characteristics, with different advantages and disadvantages, that you need to understand before deciding to pursue.

For a 3D modeler, besides its benefits, such as a high salary, comfort, and freedom, you also have to face increased competition or a large workload.

3D Stretching Models

Artists who design 3D models have many compelling advantages. These characteristics can motivate you to develop your career in this direction.

1. Good Salary

First, the most significant benefit of being a 3D modeler is the generous salary.

Many companies need 3D modeling to develop their products. So, when you work in this industry, you will have a lot of job opportunities with high incomes.

On average, every hour, a 3D model designer can earn for themselves $36.51. This salary is equivalent to 75,946 for a year.

If you have excellent work skills, high seniority, and a good reputation, your income level can rise to over $100,000 per year.

2. Fine Job

3D modeling is the art of representing objects in 3D space using modern digital software. These apps allow artists to reconstruct virtual models of things, animals, and people.

Through these drawings, the viewer can know the characteristics of the object.

Companies will hire you to model their products before putting them into production or promoting product images to customers. Some 3D model developers will work in the game production industry.

Some famous video games that use this 3-D imaging technique are Call of Duty and Mass Effect.

The demand for 3D modeler positions in companies is increasing, providing great job opportunities for anyone who wants to follow this profession.

3. Can Do at Home

Another benefit of being a 3D modeler is that your work can be very flexible. Some companies allow their designers to work remotely instead of in the office.

All the designer’s work requirements are to complete the model within the allotted time. You can work from home with a computer with stable configuration and necessary software instead of going to the office daily. Your working hours may vary depending on your preferences and lifestyle habits.

You will only need to interact with a few people during work, except when discussing projects or important meetings. Conflict issues in the office environment will not appear.

So a 3D modeler will be the freedom and comfort that many introverts love.

4. Work With Multiple Companies

Along with the fact that you can work from home, you can work for many companies simultaneously to increase your income.

Unlike many professions that get paid by the month, 3D modelers get paid for each product. The more models you make, the higher your income will be.

Sometimes, the company has a job for you. So, you can work with multiple businesses simultaneously to increase your chances of receiving orders.

Through hard work, both your salary and work skills will also increase.

5. Good Job Prospects

With digital technology development, 3D models positively contribute to large companies’ production processes and product promotion.

It would be easier for digital marketing to impress consumers with 3D modelers.

Modeling artists bring the most intuitive and detailed information about the object for engineers and consumers to grasp.

They help people to understand structures and designs better, quickly, and efficiently. Some detailed 3-D drawings also show the correlation between the main object and other objects.

With these job characteristics, more and more areas need the participation of 3D modelers. So you will have a bright future when pursuing this career.

Working on a computer for long hours

You need to be aware of some negative aspects of this industry before deciding to pursue it. I will make it more clear to you in the following section.

6. Competition

Because of the many advantages that 3D modeler work brings, many people pursue this profession. The more people with the same expertise, the more fierce the competition for a job with a high salary and good promotion will be.

You will have to work hard to improve your skills and performance to get a good position. Sometimes you will also need to invest time and effort in courses or related skills to make a good impression on employers.

7. Long Working Hours

In addition, the tasks that a 3D modeler needs to handle are complex. Although you can work freely at a place and time, the high workload and high demands will cost you a lot of time to complete the job.

You can use the tools available in the software to handle simple products. But products or models with more complex structures take a lot of effort to reproduce the most detailed and accurate.

The more complex jobs with many small details and high requirements, the higher the income will be. Therefore, you should invest in self-development to complete these jobs more efficiently.

8. Health Effects

Nowadays, more and more young people are facing severe health problems such as being overweight, back pain, and eye strain. These diseases result from sitting at the computer for a long time without exercising.

Tasks that require 3D modelers using technology software many hours a day.

If you do not have a reasonable work and rest regime, you will face many health problems. In addition, work pressure and high competition can cause 3D modelers to have many psychological problems, such as stress and depression.

The psychological effects can be severe if not detected and treated promptly.


The pros and cons above have helped you understand this job. As a 3D modeler, you will have job opportunities with a high salary and a flexible working environment.

Its downside is increased competition, heavy workload, and many health and psychological problems. However, 3D modelers are still a dream job because the value that this job brings will make you satisfied.

Thank you for reading!