A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant

Promoting products via digital means has become popular in the modern world. There are countless ways and tools you can use for digital marketing.

Digital marketing consultants are the masters of this art. They have deep experience and a sharp mind to pull out successful campaigns.

So, what will be a day in the life of a digital marketing consultant? I will give you more insights based on my work experience.


A digital marketing consultant helps companies enhance their digital marketing efforts. They can review and provide helpful feedback to boost the campaign’s impact.

Besides, they can help businesses build a marketing strategy to promote their products, monitor the process, and ensure the campaign brings high results.

So, the consultants must have a deep experience in digital marketing. They must also have a record of successful marketing campaigns to build their credit.

Digital marketing consultants master the art of marketing

Digital marketing consultants are the bridge between businesses and customers. Their job is to research the business’ products and make them viral to customers. The sections below give you more details about their daily activities.

1. Workplace & Job Overview

I’m currently working as a freelance digital marketing consultant. I have worked in this role for many years. During this time, I have developed contracts with multiple businesses and launched many successful marketing campaigns.

Working as a freelancer allows me to seek many customers at a time. It gives me more freedom in choosing the companies and products that offer high value. I can also customize a flexible working schedule to achieve the highest results.

My main role is to help customers design or modify their marketing campaigns. Here are some typical roles that I perform on a daily basis.

They can work as freelancers

2. Seek Customers & Build Reputation

I usually start my career by seeking clients on online job markets. I mainly work with small clients at first to build my credit.

Many bigger companies contacted me for work as my skills and reputation increased. I’m currently working with many large online businesses.

When a client releases a new product, I will handle its advertising campaign. They will send all documents and details about that product via my email.

3. Research Customer Products & The Market

The first thing I do is review the customer’s product information. I will check the documents they sent me to develop the following ideas:

  • What is the purpose of the product?
  • The features that make it excel from the competitors
  • Who will need this type of product?
  • Is the demand for the product high?
  • What can I do to attract more people into buying this product?

I need to understand all those aspects to develop a suitable Ads campaign. It helps me sort out the features that will help this product attract customers.

For example, one of my clients requested me to promote their gaming product. For this project, I will perform extensive research on the gaming market. I used many tools to identify customers’ demands as well as gaming markets.

Research the market

4. Provide Feedback & Suggestions

The client’s company also proposes some marketing campaigns. These strategies match their available resources and brand image. For example, the gaming console product will come with these options.

  • Hire popular gamers to experience and promote the product
  • Run online ads video on gaming social media channels
  • Advertise the console via email

I will use my knowledge to analyze the outcomes of these strategies. For example, I will look at the budget expense of each method. Then, I calculate the total number of customers they can reach.

It will help me choose the option that brings the highest value. I also consult with many marketing experts from the company on these ideas.

After careful discussions, the team will decide on the most effective option. I also adjust the strategies to achieve the highest results.

Besides, I can also design a clear roadmap to develop a more effective method. The ultimate goal is to raise customer awareness of the new product.

I will summarize all these ideas in a report and submit it to the client via email. Sometimes, I can consult the company’s board directly to discuss further details.

5. Monitor The Process

I’m responsible for monitoring the ongoing campaigns. Even well-planned strategies can fail in online markets, so I need to track their progress carefully.

I calculate how much sales an ad has generated. I also read reviews to research customers’ opinions. If a strategy is not performing well, I will find solutions to modify it.

Track sales and advertising results

6. Personal Time

I spend my free time improving my marketing skills and knowledge. I usually research new marketing strategies and trends. These ideas can help extend my experience in this role.

I also take online courses on critical thinking and communication. These are the essential skills that a digital marketing consultant must cultivate.

Is Digital Marketing Consulting a Good Career?

In the US, digital marketing consultants earned an average of $92,566 per year. The number can increase to roughly $150,000 if you work for top companies.

However, this field features very high competition. Companies are only willing to hire experts with good credit and experience. Therefore, you must excel and prove your ability to succeed in this career path.

Excellent consultants can choose to start their own businesses. As long as you can promote products and generate sales, you earn a huge amount of money.

Therefore, I recommend this career path to anyone who is talented at marketing. You can start proving your capacity first, and success will follow you!

Final Thoughts

As we know, producing a product with high quality is critical to businesses. Yet, it cannot reach customers and enhance sales without a good marketing strategy.

So, consultants play a vital role in the success of many businesses. If you can bring value to the company, you will receive high income and recognition.

Thank you for reading!