A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is an effective method for businesses to advertise their products. It can help brands reach millions of customers around the globe.

So, what are the activities of a digital marketing specialist every day? If you are interested in this career path, this post will bring you helpful insights.

Now let’s dwell straight in!

Career Overview

Digital marketing specialists master all the skills and knowledge of marketing. They also have experience in launching many successful marketing campaigns.

The specialists typically work for small or large businesses and companies, and they serve in various areas. Many experts also take charge of large marketing channels.

Their ultimate goal is to improve sales and raise brand awareness. The digital marketing specialists will design different marketing campaigns to serve business needs. They also monitor and manage the launched projects.

The competitive wage is a noticeable advantage of this career. A report indicates that specialists earn an average of $43 per hour. Meanwhile, their annual salary can range from $42,998 to $126,876 in big cities.

Digital marketing is a competitive and rewarding field

The daily tasks of marketing specialists can vary significantly. I will walk you through further details in the sections below.

Workplace and Job Overview

I’m working in the marketing department of an ecommerce business. My company owns an online website that sells various tech gadgets and products.

My team is responsible for aspects of the marketing area. It includes tasks like:

  • Build marketing strategies to boost company’s sales
  • Develop engaging content to attract customers and drive traffic
  • Launch and manage online ads campaigns
  • Improve brand image and awareness
  • Track and report on the performance of the campaigns

Email & Meeting (8:30 AM)

I usually wake up early every day, then have breakfast and be at the office at 8:30 AM. The first thing I do is to check my email and tasks.

Then, I will have a meeting with the team manager. In this session, I will report on my progress on all the projects that I’m handling. After a quick performance review session, I will begin to work.

Marketing Campaign (9:00 AM)

Next, my task of the day is to monitor the current marketing campaigns. My company mainly uses content marketing to boost product sales. They will develop videos and detailed reviews about a product.

Then, they will cleverly drive customers to the shopping site. There are countless content sessions devoted to each category of products. My job is to analyze whether the campaigns are performing well.

For example, I will track the sales revenue of each product category on the site. I accessed the company’s database and used analyzing software for this task. I also check customers’ opinions on the landing pages.

Then, I will report the detailed traffic and revenues each campaign generates. If a campaign is not performing well, I will report it back to the manager. Then, the whole team will discuss and find solutions to adjust it.

Analyze campaigns’ performance with data and research

Campaign Strategy (10:30 AM)

At this time, I switch to creating campaign strategies at 10:30 AM. My company is trying some new strategies like building a Youtube channel and running online ads. I will analyze the market to decide on the most effective options.

I use some SEO tools to analyze customer’ interests and the new trends in the market. It will help me sort out the strategies that bring the highest outcomes.

An optimal strategy must align with the company’s goals and operation. So, I consider other factors like the company’s budget and available resources.

I will conclude all my research in a detailed report and submit it to the team’s manager.

Content Development (1:00 PM)

I usually go out for lunch and return to the office at 1:00 PM for the afternoon work. Following the schedule, I will develop the marketing content for the new products featured on our website. The first task is to research and understand the product’s features.

Then, I will collaborate with the other writers to develop engaging content. The goal is to highlight the best features of the products to readers. Besides content marketing, I also implement new strategies to boost sales.

SEO skills are essential to digital marketing specialists

Branding and SEO (3:00 PM)

One of the important keys to digital marketing is building brand awareness. Sales revenue will increase if our company’s site can attract more online visitors.

Therefore, it’s the marketing team’s duty to increase search engine optimization. I will try different methods to increase the site’s organic ranking. For this task, I will work with other web designers and SEO experts.

After Work

Although as a full-time working schedule staff, I still have time to pursue my personal hobbies and learn new skills.

I usually visit top businesses’ websites to learn more about their strategies. It helps me expand my capacity and find inspiration for the next projects.

However, there are also tight deadlines for each project I’m handling, especially when the company wants to feature new products. So, I will have to work overtime during these occasions.

Catching up with the latest trends is crucial

Is Digital Marketing for You?

Digital marketing is a promising field for experts of all levels. You don’t need high certificates; all it takes for marketers to succeed is a sharp mind and creativity.

The world of technology is constantly evolving. There will be new strategies used for digital marketing being born; therefore, you will never run out of opportunities as a marketer.

If you are keen on marketing and can use digital platforms, don’t hesitate to pursue this career. A successful campaign can help you advance your career fast.

Final Thoughts

Every campaign is a new challenge for marketing specialists. They have to make the most out of their creativity and skills to launch a successful campaign. It’s also the beauty of digital marketing that cannot be found in other roles.

Lastly, you need to make sure to catch up with the latest trends and upgrade your knowledge every day. It’s the most valuable practice that will advance your career prospect.

Thank you for reading!