CompTIA CySA+ vs. Security+

The IT field demands very high skills and knowledge. Most positions require certain certificates to prove candidates’ capacity. Therefore, acquiring a certificate is crucial to make a leap in your career.

If you are pursuing a job in the IT security field, you may have heard of CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) and CompTIA Security+ (Plus). They are the popular certificates recognized by the industry.

CySA+ and Security+: which certification is better? How to pick a suitable option for your skillset? This post has all the answers you are looking for!

What Is CySA+?

CySA+ is a certification that verifies the holders’ ability to analyze networks and devices. Thus, these experts can detect the risks and protect the digital systems.

CySA+ aims toward professionals with solid expertise in the field. It requires a minimum of 3-4 years of experience in the information security field.

Candidates must pass an exam held by CompTIA to obtain this certification. The organization offers many training options for learners to prepare for the test.


What Is Security+?

Security+ is one of the most popular certificates any beginner should earn. It focuses on the information security field with the basic knowledge of this area.

After acquiring this tool, the holders can have a basic understanding of networks. They can identify security risks and act to protect the digital subject.

CompTIA Security+

Key Differences

CySA+ and Security+ are distributed by CompTIA, a reputable and widely recognized organization. These two options feature very high recognition and value within the IT field.

Yet, there are some differences in the requirements and knowledge they cover. I will highlight the points in this section and give you a detailed comparison.

Which One Is More Popular?

Both CySA+ and Security+ are recognized and respected around the world. You can find job positions that include these two options in their requirements.

Security+ is considered an industry standard for many starting positions. It covers a wide range of topics that dwell on the concepts and tools of security.

Meanwhile, many people consider CySA+ the best option for advanced analysts. It verifies essential skills relating to network devices.

So, these two options feature similar popularity. However, Security+ is slightly more common for graduates who want to approach the industry. Meanwhile, experts who want to expand their skills usually consider CySA+.

Domains of Knowledge

You may wonder which option is the most beneficial for your career path. Currently, there’s no clear answer on the certification that most companies prefer. It depends on the role level and position you are looking for.

You must look into the areas of knowledge that each certification offers. Security+ covers a wide range of areas, from basic concepts to networking tasks.

On the other hand, CySA+ focuses more on the skills and knowledge of security analysts. The holders can find out risk patterns found in systems. Then, they will develop solutions to protect the system against attacks.

Some of the mentioned skills are not covered by Security+. Thus, CySA+ offers a higher level of technical skills and experience.

If you already have a few years of experience, CySA+ will help verify your capacity and advance your career prospect.

Both options focus on the domain of networking

Practical Benefits

Security+ covers the basic actions and tools used for detecting threats. Yet, the areas of knowledge it covers don’t reach a deep level.

CySA+ focuses more on teaching how to use and implement these tools. It’s because the tool is designed for experts with decent experience in the field.

For instance, it will teach you how to secure a system. You also learn to read the firewall and troubleshoot the network appliance.

Thus, CySA+ is the winner considering the practical benefits each option brings. Suppose you want to expand your hands-on skills in your current job. Then, CySA+ will bring the practical experience you are looking for.

Career Path

Security+ prepares the foundation in a wide range of IT areas. Thus, it can help you approach many starting positions. Some popular examples are security analysts and consultants.

Meanwhile, CySA+ is ideal if you want to become a security analyst. It covers all the relevant skills and knowledge in this specific area. The certification also proves your deep experience level in the field.


With Security+, it would be best that you have acquired some foundation knowledge in the field. You should have a solid understanding of the network.

Meanwhile, CySA+ is suitable for candidates who have obtained Security+ or similar certifications with at least 3 or 4 years of practical experience working.

Comparison Table

PopularityMore popular among beginnersMore popular among experts
KnowledgeWiderMore concentrated
Practical BenefitsLowerHigher
Career PathEntry-level positionsIdeal for high-level roles
RequirementsNo strict requirementsAt least 3 or 4 years of experience

Which One Should You Choose?

You should consider your current level of expertise first. Also, decide on the area you want to develop a career in.

Security+ is ideal for beginners with lower experience. It covers all the basic knowledge and skills required for starting positions. Thus, the certification can help you initiate your career path.

Meanwhile, CySA+ is an excellent choice for experienced professionals. It aims towards specific areas like IT security analysis.

Cybersecurity experts should choose CySA+

Final Thoughts

In summary, CySA+ is the better option for experts who want to expand their expertise in security analysis. It offers practical experience and skills related to this specific field.

Security+ is ideal if you want to approach this industry and start building your career. It will bring you a solid foundation of all the knowledge required.

Therefore, consider your level of expertise before deciding. Ensure that the certificate can directly benefit your current position. Thank you for reading!