Is The CompTIA CySA+ Worth It?

Most IT professionals and learners know about CompTIA. This organization provides top degrees that cover knowledge and skill. For example, the CompTIA CySA+ is very popular in the information security field.

This certification provides essential knowledge and skill for the future of many security engineers. Many people may wonder: “Is the CompTIA CySA+ worth it?”

If you are wondering about the same question, don’t miss out on this post. I will discuss this certification’s features and values to give you a detailed answer.

What Is CompTIA CySA+?

CompTIA CySA+ is an IT certificate offered by CompTIA. It’s designed specifically for professionals in the security domain. CySA+ verifies the applicability of your system’s security to detect, prevent, and combat cybersecurity threats.

CySA+ holders can identify security threats and prevent them. This task will also help maintain the function of a large system.

CompTIA CySA+ covers the field of IT security

Is The CompTIA CySA+ Worth It?

The answer is certainly yes. If you are pursuing a profession in IT security, the CompTIA CySA+ is an excellent addition to your profile. It will help broaden career opportunities and verify your knowledge.

Here are the advantages and benefits of the CompTIA CySA+ you should know.


Price is a concern for many CompTIA exam takers. Yet, the price of CySA+ is still affordable compared to the other level exams. With only $392, you can make a cornerstone to initiate your career.

Industry Recognition

The popularity of CySA+ has grown at a stunning speed in recent years. Due to its vendor-neutral nature, the tool is highly accessible to students and experts.

You can freely get this certificate. The companies and colleges don’t have any control over its distribution. This feature helps add more to the popularity of CompTIA CySA+.

Job Opportunities

The IT industry has seen increasing competition in recent years. A college degree solely won’t help you grab the attention of recruiters. Yet, it’s a different story for CompTIA CySA+ holders.

This degree requires a few years of experience and advanced knowledge. Thus, inexperienced candidates can hardly own it. With this certificate, you can easily compete with others for your dream position.

Career Advancement

You can start with a low-level position at the start of your career because you don’t yet have the expertise to take on more advanced roles.

Meanwhile, companies usually assign larger projects to experts with experience. By learning for the CySA+, you can accumulate the skills required.

This certificate will prove your capacity to handle many tasks in a high position. Thus, it will help you advance faster in your career. You can also flexibly switch to other organizations with better offers.

Time To Complete

The experience required for the exam is certainly high. Yet, it won’t cost you a long time to prepare for the final test. After a few years working in the industry, you have become familiar with all the subjects covered.

CompTIA also offers a short course which will shorten your study time while ensuring the highest result. Thus, you can concentrate on your current work.

You don’t need much time to prepare for the test

Is The CySA+ Exam Difficult?

Is the CySA+ hard to pass? It would be best to research the difficulty level of the exam. It will help you prepare the best to qualify for the certificate.

There are a total of 85 questions. They will test your ability to solve many security problems. You must prove your competency by scoring more than 750 (on a scale of 900).

The questions go from beginner to advanced scale. They are super intense to complete within 165 minutes. Thus, the candidates must be good at managing their time throughout the test.

In addition, candidates should have at least 4 years of experience in IT security. For these reasons, the CySA+ exam will not be suitable for beginners.

Instead, it focuses more on the intermediate level. If you have worked in the field for a few years, you will have the foundation to qualify for CySA+. Yet, even experts in security need to train hard to prepare for the final exam.

You need a deep level of experience to qualify for CySA+

How Much Can I Make with a CompTIA CySA+ Certification?

The CySA+ holders come from various backgrounds and work in different fields. Thus, there is no fixed salary for CompTIA CySA+ degree holders. The number depends on the location and type of jobs they possess.

The incomes of CySA+ holders are typically high. Take some popular roles like network analyst for instance. This profession features an impressive average income of about $90,503, according to our research.

Meanwhile, security administrators can earn up to about $133,043 annually. It does not mention the extra rewards and payments offered by large companies.

The certificate helps you earn higher incomes


Is CySA+ Better Than Security+?

The CySA+ covers knowledge and skills relating to cyber security and protection. Security+ offers you the essential skills to pursue an IT security profession.

Is CySA+ Better Than CEH?

The knowledge and areas covered by CEH come from a more advanced level. Thus, CEH is a better choice for experts in the field who want to prove their expertise.

Meanwhile, CySA+ is the best choice for intermediates who want to broaden their career prospects.

Will CySA+ Get You A Job?

Yes, CySA+ has become an industry standard. It will verify all the essential skills you need to perform security tasks. Thus, this certification can assist you a lot in looking for a security position.

Final Thoughts

CySA+ is a valuable degree for experts in the IT security field. It helps extend your knowledge and skill for jobs to bring you higher respect and recognition.

You can assert your ability with the CompTIA CySA+ in your profile. By pursuing this certification, you can quickly advance your career.

It takes a lot of time and effort to qualify for this certificate. However, this certificate offers real value and the recognition it deserves!