Is The CompTIA A+ Worth It?

CompTIA A+ is one of the most popular IT certifications. It certifies that you have accumulated some helpful knowledge and experience. Yet, many people think that CompTIA A+ solely is not sufficient to get an IT job.

So, is the CompTIA A+ worth it? If you are interested in discovering the value of this certification, don’t skip the post. I will discuss everything about this certification to give you more detailed insights.

Is CompTIA A+ Worth It?

Yes, it’s precious if you want to develop a new career path in any IT sector. Yet, it would be best if you obtain the other certifications along with CompTIA A+ to enrich your portfolio.

To earn CompTIA A+, learners must pass a set of two exams. They are organized by many IT experts to test the participant’s skills and knowledge.

CompTIA A+ certification

It Has Become A Standard

The CompTIA A+ certification has become an important standard. It means that most IT firms and professionals value this certification. It’s also one of the oldest certifications from 1993.

Also, CompTIA A+ combines IT knowledge and experience at an entry level. It builds the foundation for learners to advance in different IT sectors. Thus, it’s an essential factor all IT students should include in their portfolios.

Is CompTIA A+ Enough To Get A Job?

CompTIA A+ will not always land you a job. Yet, it’s a critical factor that affects the recruiters’ decision. You will have a significant advantage over the people who don’t have this certification.

Around 10% of IT experts mention CompTIA A+. This fact shows the importance of this certification. Also, the recruiters will consider your level of expertise and experience. They will ask if you have any experience working for other IT firms.

Therefore, don’t just count on certifications and CompTIA A+. It’s critical that you accumulate some experience to make your portfolio more convincing.

I advise you to seek non-profitable or small projects first. You can browse the internet to look for small offers from customers. It will help you gain a lot of experience as well as develop your skills.

It makes your portfolio more impressive

Who Should Consider the CompTIA A+?

Is CompTIA A+ hard for beginners? It depends on your level of expertise and experience in the IT field.

The exam is a real challenge for new students because it features up to two examinations that cover very broad knowledge. However, it’s ideal for IT students who want to make a good start in their careers.

All IT graduates should consider getting CompTIA A+

What Experience Is Required To Sit For The CompTIA A+ Exams?

The exam requires around 9 to 12 months of hands-on IT experience. The participants should have at least 6 months of working with software and hardware. Here are some key skill areas featured in the exams.

  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Mobile Devices
  • Systems
  • Operational procedures

Benefits Of CompTIA A+

Acquiring the CompTIA A+ will give you an edge when applying for an IT job. Here are some significant advantages of this certification to consider.

Better Pay

The salary of most IT professionals is not fixed. It varies significantly depending on your performance and qualifications. Typically, the companies will offer a starting salary based on your experience and certifications.

The CompTIA A+ can give you an edge at the start of your career. With CompTIA A+, you can negotiate with recruiters for better salaries. It also opens up more work opportunities with higher payrolls.


There are various communities in this certification. You can join these groups and find people with the same interest. Thus, it gives you a chance to make new friends and seek more experience.

High Recognition

CompTIA A+ won’t go obsolete, at least in the next ten or twenty years. It is recognized by IT experts and organizations worldwide. Thus, you can be confident in the certification’s universal recognition.

For example, most IT professions nowadays require certifications like CompTIA A+. It’s essential to help your portfolio pass the interview section.

Career Commitment

With CompTIA A+ in your portfolio, you can quickly seek the recruiters’ attention. It also demonstrates your serious attitude and passion for this career. The recruiters understand that you have devoted a lot of time and effort.

The certification solely cannot guarantee you a thriving career. Yet, it gives an excellent start to prove your ability in your job.

CompTIA A+ gives you a better start


Is CompTIA A+ Good For Life?

The certification is only applicable for the first three years. It counts from the date you pass the certification exam. After this time, you can rejoin the exams and extend your certification.

Is The Exam For CompTIA A+ Hard?

CompTIA A+ is definitely hard if you have little knowledge and experience. Meanwhile, it’s not such a big challenge for IT students.

Is CompTIA A+ Hard For Beginners?

Yes, CompTIA A+ requires extensive knowledge of coding and IT sections. You have to prepare for a much longer time than the candidates with experience.

Is CompTIA A+ Harder Than Network+?

The A+ is an entry-level certification, which means that it is on an easier level than Network+. The CompTIA Network+ exam covers broader knowledge. It also requires more profound experience from learners in many IT sectors.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare For The CompTIA A+ Exam?

You may pass the exams and acquire the certification in only months. Yet, it may take up to one year to prepare for this exam. You have to learn a lot of topics and build your skills toward CompTIA A+ certification.

Final Thoughts

CompTIA A+ is certainly worth it. The certification increases your chance of landing an IT job. It proves your capacity and knowledge to the recruiters.

Yet, this certification will not always get you a job. It also depends on your working ethic and previous experience. Thus, don’t just count on certificates.

It would be best if you seek experience from small projects to make your portfolio more impressive. Thank you for reading!