Computer Technician: Your Everyday Superheroes

Can you imagine your life without a computer? Maybe 10 years ago, things were a little different but the world has changed and we’re more dependent on technology than ever before. But with all the ease that technology brings, it also summons a whole new breed of problems.

We know how to use technology but we don’t know how to fix technology when it fails us. If you were sick you would call your doctor but if your computer is sick, you call a computer technician. They drop in and save the day—they are your everyday superheroes.

I hold a competent computer technician in highest honor. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to have that kind of power to heal a machine. Yet computer technicians are not really magicians, they started out as regular people like you and me. Many of them are self-taught and some have received computer technology training. They do so much more than just fix computers. A computer technician is usually well-versed in:

  • Computer Hardware: They stay updated with the latest computer parts as well as the oldest hardware so that they are prepared for any situation. Since you can’t know everything, they know how to find answers to anything outside their purview.
  • Software: They are able to install programs, clean up your computer, reformat and restore your computer. In fact, they are usually familiar with cell phone technology as well. They can work with Mac, Microsoft and Linux.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The stereotypical computer technician is a nerdy guy who is a little socially inept. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Computer technicians need to have good interpersonal skills in order to succeed. Clients like to be treated respectfully even if their ignorance may be the culprit to begin with.

Can you imagine yourself as a computer technician? If you’re looking for a career, this is certainly a worthy option with an average annual income of $68,522 a year and a high job growth rate. Just like we’ll never run out of jobs for doctors, computer technician jobs are only going to increase. If you like computers and are willing to learn, you can do it.

How would you join this elite task force? You can start by enrolling in a school for computer technicians like Career Step Canada that even allows you to complete your training online in a matter of months. While almost anyone can get trained to be a computer technician, I have noticed that the people who really thrive in this career are those who:

  • Love puzzles: This career is particularly fulfilling to people who love a good puzzle because resolving an issue with a computer is just like solving a puzzle or diagnosing a patient. You see the symptoms and try to figure out underlying cause.
  • Love technology: Technology is changing, progressing as you read these words. A good computer technician always learns what’s new. You really can’t do that unless you are passionate about technology. You have to love it.

If you see yourself as a puzzle lover and technology lover then this is the perfect career for you. Pursue it with all you’ve got and you will not be disappointed!