7 Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Technician

Most companies have to handle their computer system trouble everyday, so computer technicians have become a valued profession in modern society.

Many people desire to become computer technicians, but they wonder about the characteristics of this profession.

Any profession has its benefits and limitations. As a computer technician, you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and have the chance to receive a high salary as well as good promotion opportunities.

On the contrary, you will have to accept much work and prolonged stress. For details, scroll down to read on!

There are many reasons to support you in becoming a computer technician. Some of the main advantages of this profession are:

1. Comfortable Working Environment

Unlike office workers, computer technicians often have a more relaxed and accessible working environment. When you become a computer technician, you can work at the host company’s office or the computer repair shop.

Almost all professions in modern society require the help of computer systems. The popularity of this electronic device has given computer engineers more workspace.

You will likely work with various companies, organizations, and individuals from different fields. When you interact with these clients, you will learn more about their work and the characteristics of these industries. Conversations with clients will give you valuable social insights, enhancing your senses and EQ.

2. Flexibility

Work flexibility is joint in information technology industries, including computer technicians. Besides, you can also start your own business. You will become a shop owner with a home repair service.

Your workplace will also be flexible when you pursue this career. Sometimes computer technicians work in the office. They can also go to the customer’s home or workplace for support.

3. Good Salary

Jobs related to information technology are trending and highly paid. When you become a computer technician, you have the opportunity to bring in big money.

On average, tech professionals can earn $89,000 in one year. If you are an engineer with a good reputation, you will receive more orders or get a good position in large companies.

These advantages bring you an attractive income that many people dream of.

4. Clear Career Path

The development ladder of a technician is obvious. Initially, you may be a sub-worker who helps the central engineers deal with customer problems.

After a period, when you have gained the necessary experience and skills, you will be able to deal with the job independently.

As you grow, you may become a company’s engineering department manager. Or if you run your own repair business, you’ll be the store’s boss.

5. Diversity of Work

The technicians must perform various work related to all the problems when you own and use a computer. Becoming a technician means interacting with and working with many different types of computers and related peripherals.

You will receive many requests to support connecting and synchronizing your computer with other devices, such as printers and fax machines.

In addition, you need to work with hardware devices, and repairing and supporting software will also be within the responsibility of a technician.

You will need to master how to install the operating system on your machine, handle system errors, or replace computer parts if necessary.

Diversity of work

The technician has many attractive advantages that make you want to pursue it. However, you also need to understand the cons of this profession.

6. Long Working Hours

Computer problems can cause major damage to the production line, so technicians must be prepared to deal with these troubles at any time.

You will have to be ready to face working long hours during the day or working overnight. It caused some people to give up their jobs despite the high salaries.

7. Stress

Accompanying long working hours are psychological problems such as stress and depression. Many people have had to use stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks to meet the high demands of work. These foods will further aggravate their psychological problems.

What Skills Do Computer Technicians Need?

You will need many different skills when you want to work as a technician. Some essential competencies you need to equip are background knowledge, repair skills, and engaging communication.

1. Technical Expertise

To be a good engineer, you need good technical skills. When you have high technical competence, you can handle the jobs you receive and earn the trust of your customers. From there, your career will grow stronger and stronger.

2. Setup and Maintenance

Some people need to rely on experts to help them install and operate newly purchased equipment. Installing operating systems, setting up systems, and connecting to peripheral devices are the essential skills that a technician needs.

3. Repair

You need to know how to repair possible damage to the client’s computer or laptop system. These failures can occur due to malfunction of machine components or software problems. Your task is to solve the problem quickly.

4. Communication

Finally, you must also practice your communication skills with colleagues or clients. Technicians with good communication skills will develop their careers.


Becoming a computer technician is a challenging thing. You will need good technical skills, the ability to install and operate computer-related equipment.

Heavy work pressure due to long working hours is also a big challenge for candidates who want to pursue this profession.

However, flexibility in the work environment, high salary, and open promotion path are factors that favor you to develop your career as a computer technician.