How to Become a Computer Teacher

Do you love technology and want to inspire the next generation? Nothing can suit you better than working as a computer teacher. Then, you have many chances to work with future coders.

However, your journey will be full of challenges. In this post, I will show you how to become a computer teacher. So get ready to master your skills now!

Who Is A Computer Teacher?

A computer teacher teaches others about computers. They show students things like how to type correctly and check information on the internet. Complicated activities like handling computer programs are also part of their lessons.

Computer teachers can teach students from different age ranges. While some focus on the basics of computers, others teach more advanced stuff.

Since there are different types of computer teachers, their duties differ, too. Thus, if you want to follow this path, think about who you want to teach first.

Computer teachers teach everything about computers

What are the Responsibilities of a Computer Teacher?

As a computer teacher, I have many duties and responsibilities to cover.

  • Teaching computer applications: I help my students learn how to use computer programs. They can then write documents and organize their files properly.
  • Maintaining computers: I also take care of my school’s computers. If something goes wrong, I will fix it.
  • Evaluating new technologies: Technology is constantly changing. Thus, as a teacher, I check out new stuff and suggest if it’s good for my classes.
  • Creating lesson plans: I can’t just head to my class without any preparation. Before each class, I create a detailed lesson plan about what I will cover.
  • Helping students: If my students have problems, I will be there to listen and help. Their problems can be about school stuff or even personal things.
  • Helping teachers: My colleagues may need my help, too. I don’t mind giving them a hand. And when I’m in trouble, they can help me out.

How to Become a Computer Teacher?

To teach somebody something, you must be very good at it first. Then, learn teaching skills to deliver your lessons. There are many things to do, right? Here are some steps to follow:

1. Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

First, you need to finish an education to get a bachelor’s degree. This diploma shows you’ve learned a lot about computers and technology.

When you study for the degree, you get to explore deep into computers. Programming, databases, and networks are all you learn about.

I highly recommend computer science. This field helps you become really knowledgeable about computers.

Many employers these days often ask for a bachelor’s degree when hiring computer teachers. So get it to have more job opportunities!

Earn a degree first

2. Gain Teaching and Leadership Experience

Knowledge about computers is not enough to become a computer teacher. There are some extra things you can do to be an outstanding candidate.

For example, it would be best to have teaching and leadership experience. Employers always prioritize experienced applicants. But here comes a question: how to gain experience while you are still studying?

– Teaching experience

I taught a lot when I was in college. Do you believe that? There are many ways to teach others even though you are not a teacher yet.

For example, I had a part-time job as a tutor. I helped my students with their schoolwork. Thanks to this job, I improved my communication and teaching skills a lot.

You can also participate in volunteering activities. It’s great to do good things for free while gaining experience for yourself.

After those activities, you can figure out which age group you like teaching the most. They also help you choose your favorite topics.

– Leadership experience

Leadership is important for a computer teacher, too. You have to guide students in your class and help them learn.

While you are in college, consider joining clubs. Once you become part of the team, you have a chance to practice being a leader.

Gain experience while you are still studying

3. Earn a Master’s Degree

After getting your bachelor’s degree, you may also want to get a master’s degree. It’s not very necessary to earn this super diploma. But once you have it, you will be more competitive.

The bachelor’s degree helps you learn a lot more about technology and teaching. Then, you can be a true expert in the computer world.

Moreover, having a master’s degree makes you earn more money. So it’s worth getting a little extra work for it.

4. Network

When you go to college, you can meet lots of people. They are also interested in computers and teaching.

Colleges often have special events called “job fairs” and other gatherings. So don’t miss them! It must be exciting to talk about your interests with like-minded people.

Why are those events so important? Well, when you are looking for a job after finishing college, having friends can be helpful. They may recommend job openings for you.

But it’s not just about job hunting. Networking can also help you become better at what you do. For example, experienced people in your network give you tips and share ideas. Together, you can grow fast.

Try to make new friends

5. Obtain Certifications and Licenses

Get a teaching certification when you want to teach children and teenagers about computers in the US. It’s the permission to say that you are qualified to be a teacher.

There are many kinds of certifications to get. Some focus on computers in general, whereas others work on certain parts of computers. The most common choices are:

  • CCP (Certified Computing Professional)
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CISCO certifications
  • Microsoft certifications

6. Find a Teaching Job

After earning degrees and certifications, it’s time to find a job. But before that, you have something to do.

– Prepare your resume

A resume tells people about you, your skills, and your education. Thus, ensure to write all the important things you have learned and done.

You should also highlight your computer skills in the resume. Employers want to know your ability well.

Write a short statement about your goals, too. Remember to tailor it to the specific teaching position you are applying for.

Finally, check for typos and grammar mistakes. A well-prepared resume shows your attention to detail.

– Find computer teaching skills

Where can you find jobs? Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed often have job listings for different teaching positions. You can use search filters to narrow down your preferences.

Checking the websites of computer schools and institutions may work, too. Some usually list job openings directly on their websites.

Networking also comes into play in this case. That’s why I advise you to connect with friends and professionals in the field.

When searching for a job, read the job descriptions carefully. They tell you what the schools are looking for and what the role entails. Then, you can tailor your cover letter to match their requirements.

– Prepare for interviews

If the school likes your resume, they may want to meet you and talk to you in person. So, think about the questions they can ask. Once you are ready, you will look confident and professional during the interview.

Skills for a Computer Teacher

Knowledge is not the only thing to work on. Instead, you have to hone your skills to become a good computer teacher.

Hard Skills

A computer teacher must be good at technology. Here are some technical aspects to develop your hard skills for the job.


Programming means using unique languages that computers can understand. Then, they will perform the tasks you give them.

There are many programming languages to choose from. They help you create those instructions. In this regard, you can consider PHP, Java, or Python to start.

Web design

Web design helps you create functional and beautiful websites. In this manner, you arrange the elements on a webpage to make it work.

To build websites, you will learn about fonts, colors, and layouts. There are also features like buttons and links on the websites.

Graphic design

Another design aspect that a computer teacher should know is graphic design. It helps you create eye-catching visuals, like banners or logos. Then, you can use these products for web design.


IT refers to technical stuff about computers. For example, you learn how they connect to each other. Other aspects include database and security.

IT skills seem general. However, they help build a solid foundation for everything your students want to discover. And you are the one that assists them in taking this first step.


Engineering focuses on building things using technology. It aids in building robots and tech gadgets. Trust me; your students won’t want to skip your class if it’s about engineering.

Develop your hard skills

Soft Skills

Soft skills are as important as hard skills. After years of working as a computer teacher, I find the following aspects the most crucial to hone.


Good communication means you can explain things interestingly. Then, your students can understand.

Computers have many complex concepts. But your students don’t need to worry! Their teachers will help them translate that complicated stuff into easy-to-understand knowledge.


You have to create lessons. Sometimes, you must also arrange activities while keeping on track during your classes.

As a result, try to develop your organizational skills now. Then, you can keep things running smoothly even when you have many classes to cover.

Critical thinking

Computers may have issues. Thus, computer teachers have to act as problem solvers. They figure out what’s wrong and fix it.


The teacher is the leader in the class. That’s why you should have leadership skills to engage your students.

I have mentioned the importance of leadership above. So practice it day by day. Otherwise, you can’t control the pace of your class.


You don’t work alone. You and other teachers have meetings to discuss the classes. Together, you can create good plans for students, so teamwork is vital.

Soft skills are important

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary of a computer teacher differs depending on their experience and working environment. According to, their hourly salary is around $23.51 in 2023.

The demand for this job is also high. Based on research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for computer teachers can increase by about 2%. It’s not a tremendous growth. However, there will still be many job opportunities.

In today’s world, computer skills are essential. Children start to study computers when they are little. Thus, schools need computer teachers to help them.

Moreover, the technology industry is growing rapidly. More companies need employees with strong computer skills. As a result, schools want to prepare their students for these future jobs.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Computer Teacher?

It depends on who you want to teach. As I mentioned above, each student age group requires certain skills from a computer teacher.

For high school students

It takes four to six years to become a computer teacher for high school students. You can get a bachelor’s degree showing your computer and teaching ability.

If you want to be more qualified, you can get a master’s degree. However, a bachelor’s degree is enough to illustrate your skills to teach this age group.

For college and postsecondary education

If you want to teach computers in college, it takes longer, about five to ten years. You need a master’s degree to apply for this position. This degree indicates you are an expert in your field.

Some people even get a doctorate. Hence, the salary is much higher. These time frames vary a bit based on your own progress. If you decide to upgrade your education, it will take longer.

It is a long path to take


The technology industry needs passionate teachers. So follow the steps above to join it. Then, you can contribute to the future of technology.

Remember, being a computer teacher is not just a job. Instead, see it as a chance to inspire young minds. Together, you can empower your students with digital skills. Then, they will become experts like you.