8 Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Teacher

Because computer teaching is one of the most vital education professions today, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of being a computer teacher so you can have a clearer view.

While this career will benefit you, as computers and IT are fundamental elements in every industry, you must also prepare for its challenges. Dive into this post to discover these aspects!


Computer teachers are educators who help students learn about computers and get good with them. They teach students how to use computers, software, and other digital tools.

These teachers don’t just give facts; besides that, they help students think and solve problems. They also show how to be responsible online.

Besides teaching, they stay updated with new tech as well as teaching methods and constantly change what they teach to match the latest tech trends.

A Computer Teacher and Her Students

If you pursue a career as a computer teacher, you don’t have to worry about employment because there is always a demand for this role. Yet, you need to have classroom management skills and be okay with working overtime.

Below is my exploration of the pros and cons of this career!

Besides employment benefits, this career offers opportunities for advancement, influence on students, flexible schedules, and structured vacation periods.

1. There is Always a Need for Computer Teachers

Currently, there are plenty of job opportunities for computer teachers because technology is everywhere, and schools need them to teach students about it, especially ones focusing more on STEM subjects.

Furthermore, when I surveyed several online forums, I discovered an increasing number of students pursuing careers in IT-related fields. As a result of this situation, computer teachers are in high demand because they help prepare students for tech-related jobs.

A Computer Class

2. Professional Growth

If you ask me for a job where you can keep learning and growing professionally, it is computer teaching. Here is why I say that:

  • In this role, you stay updated with the latest techs (new computer programs and gadgets).
  • You can get better at teaching by trying new ways to explain things and making learning fun for students.
  • You can join meetings and conferences to meet other computer teachers and learn from them. It’s like going to school for teachers!
  • Besides tech knowledge, you’ll be better at talking to people, solving problems, and adapting to change.
  • If you’re really good, you might lead your department or help make decisions about teaching.

As you can see, being a computer teacher is about learning and sharing what you know. It’s a job where you can keep growing and helping students do great things with computers.

3. Influence on Future Careers (Students)

Students In A Computer Class

As a computer teacher, I’m proud that I significantly impact my students’ future careers as I teach students how to use computers and software, code, and program.

This knowledge is essential for almost any job nowadays, especially those related to technology, such as:

  • Software development
  • Website design
  • App creation
  • Data analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT support

I love to prepare them for success in these fields. Besides, I help students become better problem solvers, a valuable skill in any profession.

4. Flexible Schedule in Some Educational Settings

Today, if you are a computer teacher, you can work in schools, online, or even as a personal tutor. Some computer teachers work part-time or as freelancers to balance teaching with other things they want to do.

With these teaching forms, you can change your teaching hours to fit students from different time zones or with different schedules to make education more accessible.

However, while flexible schedules benefit, you must manage time well and stay disciplined to ensure teaching and learning go well.

5. Have Structured Vacation Periods

Another reason I love the job of a computer teacher is its structured vacation periods. Teaching and staying up-to-date with tech is tiring, so vacations help me feel enthusiastic and ready to teach again.

Having scheduled breaks helps me balance my work and personal life. I get to spend more time with family and friends, pursue hobbies, and take care of ourselves.

A Personal Computer Tutor

The downsides of being a computer teacher include the need for classroom management skills, potential overtime work, and managing students with different levels of tech knowledge.

6. Classroom Management Skill Is A Must

Although I am a seasoned computer teacher, I find running a computer class challenging. Sometimes, computers don’t work right, which can mess up the whole class.

Besides, when students have the internet at their fingertips, it’s easy for them to get distracted by websites and apps.

Dealing with these challenges while keeping students on track is hard. You must be good at managing the class, quick at fixing tech problems, and have strategies to help students with different skills.

Classroom Management Skill Is A Must

7. Regularly Work Overtime

As a computer teacher, I often work overtime because creating lessons for computer classes takes a lot of time, especially when I want to make them engaging.

Also, checking digital assignments, giving feedback, and grading coding or digital projects can cost a lot of time.

8. Students Often Have Different Levels Of Proficiency

Another challenge is that students come in with different levels of tech knowledge: some students are tech pros, while others start from scratch.

Teaching a class with such a wide range of skills is challenging. If you go too slow, advanced students may get bored, while beginners might struggle if you go too fast.

To tackle this, you must use various teaching methods to cater to students at different skill levels. This way, you can ensure that everyone can learn at their own speed.

Is The Computer Teaching Career For You?

Are you ready for this journey?

Actually, deciding if a computer teaching career is right for you depends on your love for technology and teaching.

This job is rewarding if you’re passionate about both and don’t mind handling challenges like managing different student skills, working extra hours, and keeping up with tech changes.

But this might not be the best career choice if you’re not that into technology or prefer a more usual teaching job.

Wrap Up

Considering the pros and cons of being a computer teacher, it’s clear that this job is for people who enjoy technology and teaching. While inspiring students in the digital age is exciting, you must note the challenges I’ve mentioned.

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts on these pros and cons!