Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Overview

Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH is a popular certification in the information security field. The professionals in this domain will need this certification to find a suitable job. It also proves your knowledge and capacity for the role you want.

To achieve CEH, you will need to acquire suitable skills. In addition, you must pass a challenging test to earn this certificate. In this post, I will bring you a detailed overview of CEH and how to achieve it. Keep reading to find out!


CEH is a professional certificate to prove the recipient’s skills and knowledge in completing online security tasks. The issuer of this certification is EC-Council.

Is CEH Suitable for Beginners?

CEH is an entry-level certificate. It covers a wide variety of security tasks, including penetration testing and tools. Thus, CEH is an ideal choice for beginners who don’t have deep security knowledge.

What Does a CEH Do?

An ethical hacker’s main job is to identify security weaknesses. They help protect systems and increase security. They also develop procedures and practices to prevent the damage caused by malicious hackers.

Salary of CEH Holders

The salary depends on your job responsibilities and experience. According to Infosec Institute, CEH holders make an average of $83,591 per year. Meanwhile, the average salary ranges between $45,000 and $129,000

CEH certificate

How To Get a CEH Certificate?

The process for getting CEH varies based on the type of courses and exams you follow. Here is an overview of the standard process for getting this certification.

1. Meet The Criteria

There are many conditions required for CEH exam participants. For example, candidates must have at least two years of working experience in the industry.

But don’t worry if you haven’t met this criteria. You can join an official EC-Council training.

2. Prepare For The Exam

I recommend you join training courses to get the best preparation. It will cover all the objectives involved in the exam. You will also get more familiar with the exam’s structure.

3. Take The Exam

The exam involves 125 questions with multiple choices. Candidates have a maximum of four hours to complete these questions. Get enough correct answers, and you can pass the exam.

4. Apply For The Certificate

Passing the exam is not the final step. You must complete and submit a form to request for CEH. You can finish this application online and submit it to the management system of the EC-Council.

5. Complete Your Application

The council will view your application to check if it meets all the requirements. They may verify your experience and perform some extra background checks. It helps them gain an accurate overview of your capacity during this period.

6. Receive CEH

You can receive your CEH after the organization approves your application. You will receive a certificate (digital) and an ID card. They will also grant you access to their member portal.

7. Update Your Certificate

Please take note that CEH is only valid for three years. It counts from the day you receive the certificate. To maintain CEH, you must earn the CPE credits. These credits prove your professional development in the field.

You need a minimum of 120 credits in the next three years to maintain it. With sufficient credits, you can submit a form to maintain your certificate.

Join a training course to prepare for the exam

Is CEH In High Demand?

CEH is in extremely high demand at the moment, especially in the information security sector. According to research, there are roughly 3,5 million roles to be filled in this industry in 2022.

Most of these positions will require CEH as a minimal condition. The employees also seek this certificate to broaden their skill range. It will help them advance faster in their career.

The primary reason lies in the value this certificate brings. CEH gives you a deep insight into the world of hacking. It builds the foundation for learners to advance in this career path.

In addition, the training courses will instruct you on using ethical hacking tools. They are an indispensable part of many future jobs within the industry. Lastly, CEH sees very high recognition.

Almost all positions and companies in this field value this certificate. Getting it will broaden your chance of finding a high-paying job.

The growing cyber security threats have pushed the demands for CEH

How to Prepare for CEH Exam?

You can pursue the exam after the authority approves your application. Starting from this event, you will have around three months to prepare for the final exam.

There are many official training sessions offered by the exam holders. You can do your own research to select a suitable course. Ensure that it matches your skill levels and learning schedule.

You can also visit online forums to learn more experience from the previous exam takers. They will help you understand more about its structure and the areas involved.

Also, spend time studying on your own in your free time. Find the exam blueprints from an online source to get familiar with its structure. There are also practice exams to examine your current level.


There are two options for taking the CEH exam. The first path is to educate yourself at home and attend the final exam.

Meanwhile, the most popular one is joining the exam through a training program. In this case, it will cost significantly more than the first option. The price varies depending on your location and the type of course.

The QuickStart course offers the exam at a cost of $1,199. It will cost $450 if you want to retake the exam. Meanwhile, Hackernoon’s exam costs between $850 and $2,999.

The total fee for the training program may go up to more than $2000. You can consider the EC-Council as a more budget-friendly option. The practical cost for the final exam is only $550.

Be prepared for the exam’s high cost

Final Thoughts

CEH is a great way to start your career in the security domain. It gathers all the essential knowledge and skill set required for this industry. It also increases your chance of finding your dream job.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to work hard and pursue this certificate with all your effort. You can invest in an online learning course for CEH. Besides, train your skills with practical projects in your free time.

I hope you can achieve your goal and pass the exam. Thank you for reading!