7 Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Instructor

Do you want to start a career as a computer instructor? If yes, consider these advantages and disadvantages of being a computer instructor!

These insights are drawn from my personal experience and the opinions of other experts in the field. So, I am sure they can offer a candid glimpse into the highs and lows of this career.


Computer instructors are educators with specialized computer science and IT knowledge and skills. Their main job is to impart knowledge, train, and guide individuals in using computers effectively and efficiently. They typically work in:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Companies

Computer instructors work with all kinds of students (from kids to adults). They ensure to explain things in a way that each student can understand, no matter their age/skill level.

A Computer Instructor And His Students

Although working as a computer instructor brings good job prospects and satisfaction, you will face technical challenges and overtime. In this section, I will elaborate on the pros and cons of this job.

Here are four pros of being a computer instructor that appeal to anyone who loves computers and teaching.

1. There Are Many Job Types

This career’s wide range of job types and opportunities will surprise you. Here are some of the many roles and specializations that you can pursue:

  • School teacher
  • Company trainer
  • Online teacher
  • Specialist trainer
  • Freelancer
  • Tech advisor
  • Coding Bootcamp teacher
  • Instructional writer

These diverse options allow you to specialize in areas you are passionate about and cater to various audiences, from students to pros and beyond.

A Computer Class

2. Good Job Outlook

Besides the variety of job options, this job has a promising outlook: the number of these jobs can grow by 12% from 2018-2028.

Right now, there are about 27,950 computer instructors in the US. And there are around 37,876 job openings for more instructors.

These figures mean there is a high demand for these roles, and it’s likely to continue. There could be around 159,400 new computer instructor jobs in the next ten years.

So, if you want to become a computer instructor, the future looks promising, with many chances for finding a job and advancing your career.

3. Opportunity To Share Knowledge & Help Others

People Graduate From Computer Courses

Being a computer instructor is a great chance to share what you know and help others as you can teach people of all ages, from kids to older people, about computers and how to use them.

In this role, you teach them vital skills like using software and the internet. Plus, you help them solve problems and become better learners.

You see, it’s not just a job; it’s a way to impact people’s lives by giving them the skills they need in today’s digital world. So, being a computer instructor is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and make a real difference.

4. Job Satisfaction

With the above benefits, it is not surprising that many computer instructors find this career offers high job satisfaction.

Besides the happiness of seeing the people I teach succeed, I enjoy the excitement of working with ever-changing machines and technology.

Furthermore, because I could choose the desired work environment while pursuing this career, I am very comfortable with my workplace and schedule.

Patience is an important element of good teaching

Regarding the job’s cons, you’ll have to deal with technical problems, work long hours, and be skilled at managing your classroom.

5. Deal With Technical Challenges

Computers can be unpredictable, and problems like software glitches or crashes can disrupt your lessons. Imagine you’re teaching a class, and suddenly a computer freezes; it can frustrate you and your students.

To be a good instructor, you need to know how to fix these problems quickly and stay calm when they happen.

6. Often Work Over 40 Hours/Week

Even though some computer instructors have flexible schedules, you often end up working more than the standard 40 hours per week because you need time to prepare lessons and grade assignments.

Plus, I often have meetings and other administrative tasks. Sometimes, students will reach out to me outside of regular hours with questions or issues, and I need to be available to help.

7. Require Classroom Management Skills

To be a good computer instructor, you must be good at managing your classroom. It’s not just about teaching technical knowledge and skills; it’s also about ensuring students stay focused and don’t get distracted by the internet or games on their computers.

You’ll need to set rules and ensure students follow them, all while keeping a positive and productive atmosphere in the class.

This Job Requires Classroom Management Skills

Should You Become A Computer Instructor?

Deciding to become a computer instructor is a big decision. Here are some things you should think about:

  • Do you like teaching? This job is very fulfilling if you enjoy helping others learn and sharing your knowledge.
  • You should be good with computers and tech, which you’ll teach. So, having strong technical skills is crucial.
  • Patience and good communication are vital, as teaching means explaining things clearly.
  • You’ll need to keep learning to keep up. This job can be a good fit if you like learning new things.
  • Sometimes, you might need to work long hours and get questions from students outside of regular hours. So, consider if this fits your work-life balance.

Becoming a computer instructor can be great if you enjoy teaching, know your tech, can explain things well, and are willing to keep learning. It’s a chance to share your knowledge, help others, and see them succeed.


So, we are wrapping up our exploration of the pros and cons of being a computer instructor. It’s incredibly satisfying to help students learn and grow in the tech world. Witnessing their success is a joy.

Despite the difficulties, my love for teaching and the chance to make a positive impact keep me going.

What do you think about this job?