9 Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Support Specialist

Computers really help us carry out tons of complex tasks; however, they also bring trouble. Since companies can’t avoid all the problems, they have to think of a way to solve them. As a computer support specialist, I’m the one they need!

If you want the same job, there is a long journey ahead. The first step is learning the advantages and disadvantages of being a computer support specialist. I will share my real experience right here. So listen to my stories!

Who Is a Computer Support Specialist?

A computer support specialist provides technical support to those with problems related to software and hardware. They also help their companies maintain network and computer operations.

As a computer support specialist, I follow standards when working with technical aspects. I also ensure my company’s computer systems work properly. And if there is any issue, I will contact other specialists to solve it together.

This job requires me to keep up with the latest technologies. I must also be good at technical knowledge and customer service.

In fact, there are two types of computer support specialists:

  • Network support specialist: If you choose this career path, you will work on your company’s computer networks. This duty also involves testing and fixing internet services.
  • Computer user support specialist: This position assists others with their computer issues. If you work in this role, you will interact with many non-tech people. You also help install and fix computers.
A computer support specialist

I’m working as a computer support specialist. This job offers me many benefits. But I do have a hard time dealing with trouble.

Working in this role will give you good earning potential and job opportunities. You can also try other fields with your technical background.

1. Good Earning

On average, computer support specialists earn $45,623 to $77,326 annually. The interesting thing is that you can receive more as you gain experience. Plus, you can get a better deal if you can prove your skills during the interview.

Your performance plays a role, too. If you deliver high-quality work, your boss can level up your salary range.

2. Decent Job Outlook

All companies now use computers to execute most of their operations. It means they need someone to deal with their technical aspects. And that’s how computer support specialists come into play.

Hence, the demand for this job is high. You will then have many job opportunities. You can even choose your favorite industry to work in.

3. Little Traveling

Don’t want to travel a lot? Then this job is for you. You can handle almost most of your tasks using the computer. The technological advances also allow for little traveling. So just sit there and enjoy your quiet working atmosphere!

4. Many Educational Opportunities

There is no limit to your education! The more you learn, the faster you can grow. This industry is evolving constantly, giving you many education opportunities.

To perform well at work, try to keep updated with the newest tech developments. Then, learn to use them to solve your company’s problems. It’s how you can shine in your role!

5. Pleasant Environment

Another thing I love about my job is the comfortable environment. I don’t have to dress formally, follow a strict schedule, or be serious all the time.

My colleagues also help create a pleasant environment. We have the same objective and collaborate to bring out the best result. I can even say that my friendly co-workers are among my biggest motivators at work.

6. Easy To Enter The Field

You don’t need years of experience to work in this role. Of course, it has its own set of requirements. Yet, your employers mostly ask for a bachelor’s degree and specific skills. So, you can start your career easily.

Even so, be serious about what you study and do! While you can break into this field quickly, you must work hard to grow.

The bright sides

If you want to become a computer support specialist, you also need to expect the obstacles only your way.

7. Monotonous

My work can be monotonous. I have many tasks, but they require repetition. Sometimes, I can even expect what will happen next.

So, to avoid dull work, I finish it differently. I like to use new technologies to see how they can improve my productivity. And it’s really fun!

8. Stress

Even when the job is tedious, I work under pressure sometimes. I have to interact with many people and help solve their technical problems. Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to address.

The only solution is to hone my skills and expand my knowledge every day. This way, I’m confident when dealing with any issues.

9. Long Working Hours

Because of the heavy workload, I must work overtime to meet tight deadlines sometimes. They really burden me.

To combat stress, I try to finish my work on time. After completing any task, I take a short break to energize myself. Then, I can work harder when I get back.

You will have tough times

Should You Become a Computer Support Specialist?

This career suits you if you love technology and want to help others with your IT expertise. With good problem-solving skills and a solid technical background, you will succeed.

This job offers many benefits regarding education, job opportunities, and salary. But don’t forget the challenges! While the benefits are apparent, you can feel the difficulty when starting to work. So expect the hardships and learn how to overcome them!

Final Thoughts

I love my job as a computer support specialist because of the perks it gives me. The high salary, comfortable environment, and chances to grow keep me engaged. I have tough times, too. Luckily, I know how to handle them. You can try my tips to deal with those issues. Then, you can excel in your career!