7 Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Marketing Manager

In this post, I will go over seven advantages and disadvantages of being a digital marketing manager based on my experience.

I’ll explore the positives, like the chance to be innovative and grow in your career. I’ll also talk about the challenges, such as the need to keep up with changes in the digital world and the risk of feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s discover what it’s like to be a digital marketing manager!


A digital marketing manager is an expert who takes charge of a company’s online advertising and promotion efforts. Here are their primary tasks:

  • Come up with plans for how the company should advertise online.
  • Oversee the working process: creating ads, running social media accounts, and ensuring the website is in good shape.
  • Work with various platforms and tools.
  • Use web analytics tools to track and measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with other team members.
  • Handle the budget for online marketing to help the company spend money wisely.

Digital marketing managers help a company’s online marketing efforts run smoothly and help the company grow in the digital world.

A Digital Marketing Manager And His Team

Without keeping you waiting any longer, I will delve into the pros and cons of working in this role most objectively so you can choose whether to pursue it!

There are four reasons why I, and other digital marketing managers, love this career: many jobs, remote/freelancing work opportunities, high income, and diverse exploration options.

1. Huge Demand & Many Jobs in Diverse Industries

Digital marketing managers are in high demand across all industries, and the job market for this position is expected to grow much faster than average in the coming years. Specifically, from 2022 to 2032, there will be a 6% increase in jobs.

Here are just a few of the diverse industries that are hiring these managers:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Media and entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Travel and tourism
  • Real estate

In simple terms, if you’re interested in this role, you’ll have many job options in various industries in the coming years. It’s a job with a bright future!

Many Fields Need Digital Marketing

2. Flexible Work & Freelance Opportunities

Almost any position in digital marketing gives you the option to work freelance or remotely; this career is no exception, it offers freedom in how and where you work. No need to be in a specific office!

These working forms open many global work opportunities. You can work with people and companies from all around the world without leaving your home.

3. High Income

Digital marketing management is one of the careers that brings the best income today. In the US, on average, a digital marketing manager can earn around $165,710 per year. But the actual salary can be higher, up to over $256,177 per year, if you have more experience or work in big cities.

The reason this job pays well is companies really value digital marketing managers’ skills as they help businesses with online advertising and promotion, which is crucial in today’s world.

4. Diverse Explore Options

This career gives you many choices to explore diverse career paths. You can choose to be really good at specific areas like social media, SEO, or email marketing (depending on what you enjoy most).

With experience, you can teach others about digital marketing or help businesses with their digital marketing plans. You can even start your own companies to provide a full-service suite.

Digital Marketing Always Changes

In this role, you must keep learning new things and face tough competition, and there’s a risk of getting exhausted. Let’s explore these cons!

5. Keeping Pace With Changes is Challenging

In digital marketing, things change a lot and very quickly, including platforms, algorithms, and consumer behavior, with their rules that I must understand and keep up with.

Moreover, the digital marketing ecosystem is vast, encompassing SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, etc. Each of these areas has its own set of best practices and trends.

To do this well, I always learn and try new things. But sometimes, I find this challenging because there’s so much to learn.

6. High Competition

Imagine you’re in a big race, but many people are running alongside you, all trying to reach the finish line first. That’s what the competition feels like in digital marketing. Many others are doing this job and want the same clients or jobs.

As a result, clients have many options, so you have to prove you’re the best choice. Even I, a seasoned digital marketing manager, sometimes find it stressful because I always have to be on my toes to keep clients or secure a job.

7. Burnout Risk

As this field moves fast, there’s always something to do: creating ads, managing social media, analyzing data, and more. This constant pressure to perform and meet goals sometimes makes me tired, both mentally and physically.

Moreover, because I am always trying to come up with new and creative ideas for marketing, it sometimes feels like my brain is running out of good ideas.

Is this Profession Right for You?

To figure out if you should become a digital marketing manager, think about what you enjoy and whether it matches what this career offers by answering these questions:

  • Do you like digital stuff? That’s a good sign if you enjoy the internet, social media, and digital products. In this role, you work with these things a lot.
  • Are you creative and analytical? You should be good at coming up with creative ideas for marketing but also comfortable with numbers and data.
  • Can you learn and adapt easily? Digital marketing changes a lot, so you need to love learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends.
  • Ready for competition? There are lots of people in this field, so you’ll face competition.
  • Enjoy seeing results? This career is a fit if you like seeing how your work boosts website visits, sales, or brand recognition.

Do you have your answer yet? If not, you should try courses or internships to get a taste of it. Then you will know if you are really suitable for this job.


I’ve explored the pros and cons of being a digital marketing manager. On the positive side, it’s a field where I can be creative, grow in my career, and see results from my work.

However, the digital world is changing, and I need to keep learning to keep up. There’s also a lot of competition, so standing out is challenging.

Thank you for reading!