9 Pros and Cons of Being a Web Developer

Choosing a career as a web developer can leave you wondering. So, you may have argued with others about whether being a web developer is right for you.

Although you will gain many benefits with this career, you will still face complex downsides in your daily tasks. Here is a detailed guide to the main advantages and disadvantages of being a web developer. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Web developers must handle many daily tasks, including communicating with customers, designing websites with codes, and monitoring traffic. Keep reading below to understand each one in detail.

Keep In Touch With Clients

Web developers need to communicate regularly with their customers when coding or upgrading a website.

They develop ideas for the interface design and how the website should work based on their preferences and specific requirements.

Throughout the project, they will detail progress and update any changes on the website to their managers and clients. Therefore, regular discussions will help them grasp and respond quickly to the customer’s needs.

Website Testing & Running

Before officially putting a website online, web developers will work on it for a few months before officially placing it online. They run the project regularly to check and fix problems like coding and backend.

Besides, they may change the display layout on the website and add or remove some features according to clients’ wishes.

Even when the site is ready, it must perform offline repairs and maintenance whenever there is an error to improve its operation.

Traffic Tracking

Monitoring and reviewing website traffic is a necessity for most web developers. It will help them better identify people’s usage needs. In addition, they can quickly capture the status and track user complaints about website errors.

Web development = Creative freedom

The pros and cons of being a web developer below will help you know this job’s nature in detail. We will discuss this career based on its benefits and drawbacks.

Web developers will get a lot of advantages that no other career can offer below.

1. High Income

According to many reports, web developers earn around $86,949 annually. If you are a highly skilled programmer or manager, your income can be much higher.

2. Creative Freedom

Creative freedom is one of the main pros of being a web developer. You can create unique websites in your style.

Specifically, tasks such as choosing color palettes, fonts, and layouts will create an attractive, intuitive website tailored to customer needs.

Another way you can get creative is through the website functionality. This feature allows you to create an ideal website with user needs in mind.

3. Training Time

The learning curve to become a web expert is usually much shorter than in other similar professions. Specifically, large corporations will require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

At the same time, small and medium-sized companies often need you to pass external college or degree exams. In other words, even if you only study through online courses in web development, job opportunities are still open to you.

4. Dynamic Working Space

Depending on your tastes and skills, you can apply for jobs in many companies.

For example, you can collaborate with experts and work as a team with other developers in an office environment. Work from home and connect with colleagues remotely through an online platform.

In short, you can choose to work anywhere as long as you feel the best work.

5. Lots of Chances for Career Growth

In this area, you can build your career path firmly. Your income will increase rapidly, and your hard and soft skill sets will also be improved and enhanced.

Those things create favorable conditions for you to move to higher positions.

6. Build Great Relationships

The ideal upside of being a web developer is the ability to build great relationships. Web developers collaborate and help each other go up. Meanwhile, you cannot claim such benefits if you work in other careers.

Overtime work is inevitably

It will take a lot of work for you to pursue a career as a web developer in the long run. Many people have abandoned this path because of its drawbacks below:

7. Massive Workload

Web developers may need to handle many projects daily with heavy stress and pressure. To reduce overwhelm, they need to have a high degree of flexibility in switching back and forth between tasks.

8. Many Working Hours Per Day

To handle heavy workloads, web developers will have to spend eight to ten hours a day on tight deadlines. Sometimes, they work overtime on weekends to deal with problems in coding.

9. Work in Team

The teamwork requirement is a slight downside to being a web developer, but it’s worth considering.

If you need to improve teamwork, you can handle tasks alone to control the project more quickly. In many cases, however, you’ll have to talk to clients or colleagues to improve your performance.

How to Become a Web Developer?

To work as a web developer, you need to complete formal courses and gain achievements in portfolios. Sometimes you also need extra degrees as required.

These steps to become a web developer will give you the best career path.

  • First, take training courses in coding and basic programming. Earning a bachelor’s degree in educational programs will open you up to many career development opportunities.
  • Internships and portfolio building help you gain hands-on experience. It highlights achievements, allowing you to impress employers.
  • To set yourself apart from candidates, study and earn relevant degrees.
  • Last but certainly not least is the resume setup. It would help if you had a brief but full-of-information CV that can attract employers at first sight.


Now, you know more about the pros and cons of being a website developer who plays an essential role in maintaining and growing the digital society.

Although this job has many challenges, it brings incredible benefits. So what is your final decision? Will you continue to pursue this exciting career?

Thank you for reading!