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7 Pros and Cons of Being an Ethical Hacker

Data security has been a societal concern in today’s information technology era. You must have heard of hackers once who infiltrate the system to steal information and cause unpredictable damage.

But do you know about the ethical hacker career? In this article, I will detail the advantages and disadvantages of being a white hat hacker. These characteristics will also serve as an excellent guide to show you whether or not you are a good fit for this field.

What Does an Ethical Hacker Do?

Hackers are programmers with high expertise in coding and computer systems work. In contrast to the black hat hackers, ethical hackers often perform planned hacks, and they are in the network department. They are as skilled as hackers but aim not to gain an illegal boon.

These hackers detect weaknesses and dangers in a system. From there, they can come up with methods to protect data quickly. Thanks to this support, black hat hackers cannot find vulnerabilities to carry out their intentions with vital data.

In short, they protect businesses from losing data and information every year.

Knowing the role of ethical hackers is not enough to decide to follow this career path, and you will need to learn more about its nature. Although the field offers excitement and boons, it also has some dark sides that concern many people.

1. Creation

Ethical hacking is an ideal field because of the creativity and challenges it brings.

Even experienced ethical hackers are always excited about their work, which gives them conquest and passion. This career allows you to make the most of the knowledge you already have from college and outside courses.

2. Know The Deep Web

Guy Fawkes mask

In today’s internet world, there are many deep websites that an average person cannot access because of their illegality. When you become a hacker, you will learn many ways to explore how they work.

By digging into the hidden dark sides, you will know the downsides in languages, the internet, and the deep web.

3. Flexibility and Comfort

The workspace and your working time are not fixed but always flexible, which will bring freedom to you. You can work at the company or from home and decide on the best schedule.

When working as an ethical hacker, you will have the opportunity to work directly with experienced colleagues. In such a relaxed workspace, you can maximize your ability to devote to your work.

4. Good Career Chances

The stronger the network promotion, the higher the demand for data safety will be. This fact offers vast career opportunities for students who want to pursue a career in ethical hacking, and they will quickly get the job they want.

5. Long Study Time

The offender will always find unique ways to execute their mission successfully. So, if you don’t have good knowledge, you won’t be able to figure out the tricks that black hat hackers use.

So you will not quickly become an ethical hacker, but you must spend a long time studying at high schools and completing tests. The time it takes to learn and practice these essential skills can be very long and tiring.

6. Unclear Work

It is an unclear work

Moreover, even if you are already a skillful ethical hacker, you may feel bewildered because your work is sometimes vague and unclear.

Hackers constantly find unique ways to get around safety gaps, making ethical hackers work harder. You will have to be confused when you have to put yourself in the role of the criminal to figure out the direction of their behavior.

7. Family Problems

Many parents prevent their children from pursuing careers. So, it would help if you spent much time and effort convincing your family.

Should You Become an Ethical Hacker?

Many people are interested in this career path’s upsides, but only some fit the job requirements. You should only pursue this career if you have the energy to pass the complex courses and the tough exams ahead.

Technical knowledge will be a solid base for you to enhance in this field. Besides, you also need to understand criminal psychology to figure out how thieves use it when trying to break into a system.

It would help if you considered its downsides to make sure you can overcome the whole challenge before deciding to choose this profession.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

You must go through a long journey to gain knowledge before working as an ethical hacker. I will show you the best path!

Get a Degree

Your first step is to study and earn degrees. Employers will only accept your CV with a related college degree. Also, the degrees from external training courses are a plus point for starting your work.

Accumulated Experience

Once you have mastered programming and network knowledge, you have to practice at simulation platforms or safety units.

The internship will give you valuable skills and exchanges with experts. This internship will also become your strong point in convincing HRs.

Career Development

Once you have mastered hacking tools, malware, and safety holes, you can advance quickly in your career.

From security experts, you can become an administrator and then a software developer. The higher your rank, the more income you will receive.


Ethical hacking is a relatively new profession but has many advantages and a high potential for growth in the future. When you become an ethical hacker, you add value to your company by preventing illegal intrusions from black hackers.

Through the pros and cons of being an ethical hacker, you have the basis to clearly understand whether this job is right for you or not.

If you are willing to overcome the difficulties that this profession brings, then you will have the opportunity to receive well-deserved rewards.