9 Hacking Games for Beginners

Hacking specific software or programs is an offense. However, many hacking games are created to help new players push their limits.

Accordingly, you can understand how hackers work and gain knowledge about information security. These games will provide helpful, practical experiences for those learning programming or data security.

Now, let’s explore these exciting games with me right here!

What is a Hacking Game?

A hacking game is modifying the game’s source code to gain certain benefits. For example, hackers can manipulate the code to steal more lives, strength, or money for characters. So, mastering game structure and programming skills are needed to hack a game.

Through these games, you can have time to both relax and practice the programming knowledge you have learned.

Playing as a hacker to learn how cybercriminals escape from the security system will be an excellent experience for you. These games become real experiences for you to improve your skills.

Those who want to participate in the network safety system should try playing and hacking these games. So, the practical knowledge you learn will greatly help you when you work as a software tester or as an ethical hacker.

If you have never learned about hacking or have little experience in this field, you can choose some simple but exciting games here. These hack simulation games will bring you valuable entertainment.

1. Card and Board Games


First, card and board games are still the most classic mind-training games for hacking that you should try.

For example, D0x3D, Hackers & Agents, and Control-Alt-Hack are programs that help you get familiar with hacking easily and quickly.

You will play as a hacker to break into the system, steal valuable assets or change how the program works.

Meanwhile, pre-set network administrators in the game will issue alarms and enhance security to increase the difficulty.

In short, these games will help you learn about hacking tools like SQL or Rootkit with excitement.

2. Video Games


Next, video games like Uplink also offer engaging lessons about hacking. In this game, you will become a hacker in an organization whose mission is to steal data, sabotage systems, and launder money.

Through these tasks, you will understand more about information security and how black hat hackers think. This experience is beneficial if you want to become a white hat hacker.

3. NITE Team 4

Nite Team 4

First, NITE Team 4 – Military Hacking Division is a game that can give you a natural feeling. Accordingly, it simulates hacking in a military setting with engaging strategic gameplay. You can play the game on a desktop, laptop, or Macbook.

In this game, you become a rookie who takes turns performing missions. Your task is to join the wars with the black hat and find ways to hack to win easily.

Also, its interface closely resembles the computer screen a network security specialist handles. These graphics make the user more excited and immersive.

You will hack into the game’s security system through the command line. Not only entertains you, but this game also provides you with specialized words and real hacking experience.

So, Nite Team 4 promises to be a text-based puzzle game you cannot ignore.



For only 10$, you can join the world of exciting puzzles on EXAPUNKS.

When joining the game, you play as a hacker infected with a dangerous phage. Accordingly, you will get more potions after each successful hack mission.

Attractive twists and horror details are the strong points of the game to attract players.

5. Grey Hack

Grey Hack

Next, the Grey Hack is a game that allows you to understand better how hackers work interestingly. Grey hack options include one player or multiplayer mode depending on your preference.

Besides, you can run this game software on many different operating systems, including Linux. Before playing, you should read the instructions carefully to understand the gameplay and how the software works.

The tools you download will give you codes. And when you run these commands, you’ll recognize security holes you can attack and use to your advantage.

With unique graphics and innovative gameplay, you will not be disappointed when you experience a grey hack on your PC.

6. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Producer Ubisoft Montreal has created a beautiful game series for PC: Watch Dogs. You can experience this single-player RPG for just $20 if you want to play Watch Dogs 1. For the Watch Dogs 2 version, you’ll need to spend $40.

In the game context, you will play as a hacker named Aiden Peyce in Chicago to avenge his niece, who was murdered. With a smartphone, the player controls the character to hack traffic lights, public transport, and security systems.

Its open world will surely bring you fun and stimulating entertainment.

7. Hack The Box

Hack The Box

If you don’t like downloadable games, you can try Hack the Box. This game is an online hacking version, so it will not take up any memory space on your device.

Learning this game will help you improve your information and network security testing skills. You can also chat and share with other hackers in its forum. These chats give you many cool creative ideas or unique hacking experiences.

In addition, the cash prizes are also a factor that makes this game so attractive. Developers should all try their best to get the game’s great benefits.

8. PicoCTF


The PicoCTF hacking simulator is a product created by Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with a security engineer. You need to register on the manufacturer’s website and will not need to pay any fees to play this game.

PicoCTF has a unique storyline. Its gameplay is suitable for middle school students or older students in high school.

In this game, you must find a way to hack the game to overcome the challenge and become the winner. Plus, the manufacturer will hold contests every year on their official website.

Most significantly, the most talented and creative hackers will receive prizes of up to $5000. So PicoCTF can attract a lot of players every year.

9. TIS 100- Hacking Simulator

TIS 100

Finally, learning programming will no longer be dry when you participate in playing TIS 100 – Hacking Simulator. This game gives you missing or faulty code; the player’s task is to rewrite them.

Once you’ve finished fixing the code correctly, you’ll unlock the game’s secret. This puzzle game can help you relax after stressful school hours.

Or the questions in the game can also become a dramatic playground for you and other friends to compete.


Hacking games greatly appeal to people involved in learning to code. They can enjoy the excitement when entering the program’s information system.

Hacking games help you win faster and provide practical lessons for you to apply in your work. Which of our games is your favorite? Please leave great experiences you had in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!