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11 Pros and Cons of Being an SEO Analyst

SEO is a powerful tool for every marketing effort. If you want to work in this role, you may want to become an SEO analyst. However, this job has both benefits and drawbacks. If you really want to try, check this guide first.

I will show you the pros and cons of being a search engine optimization analyst here. By the end, you know what the world of SEO will look like and if it is the right fit for you!

What Does An SEO Analyst Do?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyst reviews, analyzes, and researches data about a website. Then, they plan strategies to generate more traffic.

SEO is a system of practices to ensure the visibility of a website. The SEO analyst is in charge of improving its search results. This task also involves increasing users’ time on the website and its overall traffic. Here is what the SEO analyst does every day:

  • Research keywords to include in their website content
  • Keep an eye on the conversion rates
  • Report the search trends
  • Research competitors’ websites
  • Write reports based on the statistics
  • Provide input to help create high-quality SEO content
  • Update the old content according to the latest trends

I’m an SEO analyst. This job brings me both benefits and challenges. If you are interested in this field, let me share my experience!

Website Analysis Tool: Google Analytics

If you choose this career, you can quickly start as it doesn’t require prior experience or advanced knowledge. The high demand and salary are also your motivators at work.

1. Easy to Start

One of the best things about this job is that you don’t have to obtain a degree. It was not even my major in university. Instead, I just took online courses to study SEO. Then, I joined some projects to develop my skills.

I highly recommend obtaining SEO certifications. They help you build the proper skill set for your future career.

Furthermore, most online programs are self-paced. It means you can decide your learning speed. So if you are eager to join the industry, invest more time to earn your certificate sooner.

2. High Demand

Almost every company has a website now. And, of course, they want their pages to rank high in the search engines to access more audience. Thus, they need SEO analysts to achieve this goal.

As a result, SEO is in high demand. As long as businesses need a robust online presence, they search for talented SEO analysts to boost their brand.

3. SEO Is Always Changing

You will never get bored even when you just sit at your desk day by day. It’s because of the fast pace of this industry.

SEO keeps evolving. Hence, as an SEO analyst, you have to keep up with its speed. You must learn new things and change your strategies accordingly. It sounds tricky, but trust me! Every day is a new and fun day!

SEO is always changing

4. Freelance Chances

If you don’t like to travel to work, choose a freelance job. It allows for a flexible schedule. You can also work anytime and anywhere.

And you know what? SEO is a common niche for freelancers. Once you’ve become an SEO analyst, you don’t even have to work in the office. Many companies hire freelancers to cover this task. So grab this chance and be the boss of your own.

5. Competitive Offers

Since the demand for SEO analysts is high, you can consider different job offers. One of them can be ideal for your needs.

If you work as a freelancer, there will be more choices. You can even work for a foreign company.

6. Job Development

As you gain experience, you can specialize in a specific industry. Then, be ready to become an expert.

Leadership opportunities also arise. After working as an SEO analyst for a while, I’m leading marketing projects in my company. I even mentor my junior team members. This position allows me to work with other teams in the company, too.

Salary is another benefit for experienced SEO analysts. As you gain more experience, you can perform better at work. Thus, you deserve better pay.

7. Good Salaries

In 2024, the average annual salary for SEO analysts is about $76,539 per year. The exact rate depends on experience, location, and the company you work for.

This job offers good pay

Even when working in this role for years, I have problems sometimes. I discuss all the challenges I face every day here. You should also expect them to happen to your future job. They are unavoidable.

8. Constant Learning

As I have said, SEO keeps evolving. It’s good to keep learning to improve yourself every day. However, there are too many things to cover.

For example, I have used many specialized tools at work. Yet, more and more software appears. Some of them can really help, while others don’t meet my demands. To know which tool to try, I have to learn and test each.

9. Too Dynamic Industry

Everything related to technology is changing constantly. The new rules and algorithms affect my SEO plans. Sometimes, I feel that this industry is too dynamic.

Even so, I prefer those challenges to repetitive tasks. I have new things to try and learn every day. It’s great when you realize that you can still grow.

10. Results Will Take Time

Some SEO strategies take time. They may need weeks or months to show how effective your plans are. Remember, long-term results are what you look forward to.

11. The Result Doesn’t Depend On Your Diligence

You should work hard. Unfortunately, the results don’t depend on your diligence. You may spend hours researching keywords, but the internet has its own rules. Sometimes, the search engines don’t work as they used to. This issue leads to ineffective results. It sounds a little bit unfair, right? But you have to accept it!

Your hard work may not pay off

Who Should Become An SEO Analyst?

To tell if this job is right for you, you need to consider these factors:


Do you love digital marketing? If yes, this career is where you can shine. You will work on internet trends and data analysis every day as an SEO analyst.


This job requires good analytical and problem-solving skills. You should also be willing to learn new things and adapt to them quickly. If you have all these qualities, you can be a good SEO analyst.

Wrapping Up

Working as an SEO analyst means you can gain benefits from high salary and interesting tasks. However, you should also accept the challenges.

Hopefully, this guide can help you picture your future job as an SEO analyst. If you still want to step into this industry, hone your skills today. Once you are confident about your ability, you can overcome all the challenges.

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