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8 Pros and Cons of Being an SEO Specialist

SEO can help individuals and businesses to shape the marketing industry. And the SEO specialists are the ones contributing to this trend. Do you want to work in this position? If yes, check the advantages and disadvantages of being an SEO specialist first!

If you love the benefits and accept the challenges, then it must be the right path for you. Now, let’s dive into this post for more details!


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s a digital marketing process that aims to improve your website’s visibility on search engines.

So, an SEO specialist is the one that improves a website’s rankings using SEO. They ensure on-page optimization so that their website can offer relevant search results.

Is this job interesting? As an SEO specialist, I can say yes! I have many tasks, but they keep me excited. Here is what I do every day:

  • I develop SEO strategies to increase my company’s website search results. Before that, I must perform keyword research for the website.
  • When running SEO campaigns, I also execute tests and work with data. Based on that, you can get essential insights to maximize ROI.
  • Budget is important in SEO. Thus, as an SEO specialist, I manage the budget for my SEO campaigns.
  • I also monitor metrics with SEO tools like Google Analytics.
  • SEO is only a part of marketing. So, I must work with others in the marketing team to manage marketing strategies.
  • I also write website content based on the keywords I have researched.
A coffee, WIFI, and a laptop are all you need

Working as an SEO specialist has both pros and cons. I will share what I get from this job. So, consider both sides and decide whether it’s the ideal career for you.

Firstly, I love my job because of what I can contribute to my company. The good pay, bonuses, and chances for freelancing are other benefits.

1. Impactful Contribution

I connect my company to the target audience as an SEO specialist. I help drive organic traffic to my company’s website.

So, when the audience searches for their problems on Google, our blog posts will show up. The high-quality content will help them deal well with what they are struggling with.

2. Active Community

The SEO community is thriving. SEO specialists like me are always willing to share insights and discuss strategies. Plus, we don’t mind helping each other with their issues.

So, when you become an SEO specialist, you will be a member of this dynamic community. Just join forums, webinars, or social media groups. Then, feel free to join conversations there.

3. Freelance Opportunities

Many businesses of all sizes look for SEO expertise. Thus, the freelance world is a goldmine for SEO specialists.

A freelancer can join many projects. You will also work with clients across different industries. Another benefit is the flexibility. You can set your own schedule and even choose projects that align with your interests.

I’m currently working for a company as an SEO specialist. However, I also search for job opportunities on Upwork. This way, I have another income source.

You can work as a freelancer

4. High Demand

Every business wants to boost its online presence. Hence, they need talented SEO specialists to help them stay ahead in the game.

It also means you have more job opportunities. You can easily settle on a good job matching your salary and working environment requirements.

5. Good Pay

According to ComputerCareers.org in 2024, an SEO specialist can earn about $53,006 annually. Businesses really appreciate the skills these specialists can bring.

Since online visibility is essential, companies are willing to invest in their employees. It means they often offer good salaries and sometimes bonuses based on your performance.

If you decide to work as a freelancer, your salary will not be stable. Yet, there is no limit to your income. SEO is the field where your skills directly impact the success of the businesses. Thus, you can get good pay.

The salary is good

There are many benefits to expect from this job. Yet, I sometimes feel discouraged because of the daily challenges. Let me share some.

6. Reliance On Many Factors

Your SEO strategy depends on many factors. For example, you may spend hours researching the keywords. However, they can only work well with high-quality content. The UX (User Experience) of your website also plays a role.

The challenges, though, are what makes SEO exciting. When you see your website climb up the search rankings because of your work, it’s the best feeling.

7. Expensive Tools

Many SEO tools can simplify and optimize your work. Unfortunately, many of them are expensive. If you are a freelancer or work for a small agency, it will be a problem.

Thus, you have to find the right balance. There are some free or affordable options. They can get your job done well while not sacrificing effectiveness.

8. Long-term Results

SEO requires patience. Why? Well, you can’t see the immediate result of your campaign. It takes a lot of time and effort.

The good news is the long-term results are rewarding. You just set your campaign properly, check it regularly, and see it flourish over time.

The results will be rewarding

Is An SEO Specialist Right For You?

This job will give you benefits and challenges. It can be the right path for you if you want to work in the digital world and like keeping up with tech trends.

This career is also suitable for those who are curious. When working in this position, you can explore data and current trends. Thus, it will satisfy your analytical mind.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Being an SEO specialist has pros and cons. While it’s an exciting job with good prospects, you must work hard to remain competitive.

So what do you think about this job? Is this what you are looking for? If yes, keep working on it now. You will become a successful SEO specialist soon!

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