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7 Pros and Cons of Being an SEO Consultant

Looking for the pros and cons of being an SEO (search engine optimization) consultant? Like any other job, an SEO consultant job has advantages, such as demand and high salary, but also disadvantages, such as unpredicted results!

SEO consultants are increasingly in high demand, making this career attractive to those with an SEO passion. Keep scrolling to know whether you are suitable to pursue this career.

Overview of SEO Consultants

SEO consultants are pros who specialize in SEO. SEO is a set of tools that helps websites appear higher in Google’s search results.

If you’ve ever seen a website at the top of a Google search, you can bet they’ve invested time and effort into SEO. Even small businesses can benefit from it.

So, what do SEO consultants do?

  • Create top-notch content that’s not just about selling stuff but brings value to people.
  • Keep up with the latest rules of search engines (like Google) for creating and optimizing content. Following these rules is super important.
  • Make sure to get good quality backlinks to the website.
  • Work with statistics to manage projects.
  • Handle advertising and social media.

Their main goal is to make the website stand higher in search results so more people can find it. As a result, the website has more visitors, which can turn into more customers.

Because of the popularity of SEO, many people are curious whether SEO consulting is a good career choice. I will help you answer this question by diving into the pros and cons of working in this role.

SEO Consultant

The biggest benefit of becoming an SEO consultant is the high demand and attractive salary. Additionally, the flexibility and community of this field have led many people to pursue it for many opportunities for personal development.

1. High Demand & Salary

More businesses want to be visible online today. So, they need help with SEO to stand out in search results. This high demand for SEO services drives up salaries. Specifically, an SEO consultant in 2023 can earn $75,000 per year.

Also, experts in this field have unique skills to create great online content and analyze data. These valuable skills command higher pay (up to $101,000 per year).

Moreover, companies see SEO as a way to make money, not just a cost! When done right, it can bring in more money than it costs, so they’re willing to pay well for effective SEO.

2. Flexibility Work Environment

Working as an SEO consultant offers a lot of flexibility. In other words, you can choose to work on-site in the office or remotely; it all depends on your desire.

You can also choose to work as a freelancer, where you’re your boss, or join an agency. Freelancers have more control over their schedules, while agency consultants might have fixed hours but work on different projects.

Besides, I often work on various projects to engage with different industries. This flexibility helps me avoid the fixed job role’s monotony.

This Job Offers A Lot Of Flexibility

3. Good For Self-Development

As an SEO consultant, I do many tasks, from writing engaging content to designing web pages. This variety keeps the job from getting boring. And I get to learn and use many different skills for these tasks:

  • Making interesting content
  • Designing user-friendly websites
  • Developing new SEO strategies need creativity

Besides, SEO is changing because search engines keep updating how they work. I have to keep learning to stay good at it. So I can keep my mind active and make myself better.

4. SEO Community

SEO is a broad field, so there are specialized communities within it. Some focus on the technical side, while others are about creating awesome content. So you can choose which group suits you best.

Regarding networking, whether you’re in any part of the world or prefer social networks, you can easily connect with other SEO pros to learn from them.

SEO pros don’t mind sharing their strategies and tactics. So, it’s a culture of helping each other grow.

Freelance Consultant

This career has its fair share of advantages, but like any profession, it has some notable downsides. Here, I’ll explore three significant cons of being an SEO consultant.

5. Results Depend On Many Factors

One big challenge in SEO is that the outcomes you want, like getting a website to show up high in Google searches, depend on many things. For instance:

  • Search engine rules
  • Competition
  • Website age
  • Technical problems
  • User behavior

Because of all these factors, SEO consultants can advise and do work but can’t promise specific results. This uncertainty can be frustrating for clients who want guaranteed success.

6. High Costs

Doing SEO right takes time and hard work. I spend lots of time on research, making content, fixing technical issues, and getting links.

Besides, as an SEO consultant, you need to use tools to help with your work, like keyword research and site analysis tools. Sometimes, you might need to spend money on ads to boost SEO, which adds to the cost.

We all know that creating good content is key to SEO. Yet, creating quality content can be pricey, especially if you need experts or professional writers.

All these costs can add up, making SEO a costly endeavor. Smaller businesses, in particular, might find it challenging to invest in comprehensive SEO strategies.

7. Dynamic Field

Because search engines’ rules and algorithms are constantly changing and more and more challenging to deal with, you must stay up to date and adapt to them.

Reality shows that many SEO experts fail because they ignore these changes. So, if you do not keep up with those changes, your SEO strategies will not be successful.

Should You Become An SEO Consultant?

Whether you should become an SEO consultant hinges on your unique skills, interests, and career aspirations.

The role offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, the opportunity for continuous learning, and the chance to contribute to a vibrant online community. So you are suited for this job if you:

  • Possess analytical abilities
  • Enjoy problem-solving
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Value ethical practices

Yet, the uncertainties tied to SEO results, the requirement for patience, and the costs associated with the profession may deter some.

Also, it may not align with your expectations if you lack the necessary analytical or communication skills or seek immediate, guaranteed results.


Although there are difficulties and challenges, this job brings many financial and self-development benefits if you are serious about it.

If you have any additions to the above pros and cons, please leave a comment to let me know!

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