5 Things That Make You Love & Hate Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is an exciting field that may provide you with a lot of profound knowledge and pressure. Engineers frequently differ in technology and approaches. So, we will discuss the five things that make you love and hate computer engineering.

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Here are the five things that make you hate becoming a computer engineer, but they also make you love learning from this field.

1. Poor Quality Assurance (QA)

QA ruins code while developers write it. But, it is not difficult to figure out where the disagreement began. 


Maybe that is a little exaggerated, but there is no disputing that genuinely quality assurance may be aggravating and time-consuming. The testers will do the following:

  • Submit bug reports for problems that arise due to their specific context.
  • Treat every problem as a show-stopper.
  • Follow scripts automatically and become fixated on non-issues while neglecting actual problems.
  • Concentrate on the details while more significant concerns go unchecked.
  • In bug reports, leave out critical information.

They should, in theory, know how to code as well, but if they do not, they should not try to tell you where to repair an issue just because they once developed an application in basic.

However, keep in mind that there are many excellent testers out there who are good at their job.

Generally, it would be best if an excellent tester annoys you. They challenge you to improve as a developer, and they will save your life if you make a significant blunder.

2. Interruptions

Many developers wear headphones while working not because they appreciate music more than the average person; they do it to block out background sounds and avoid disruptions.

Interruptions are terrible for all skilled professionals. And, they’re incredibly awful for programmers since they need to preserve mental models.

According to studies, it takes roughly 25 minutes to regain attention after being interrupted. So keep that in mind the next time you intend to interrupt a developer while they are visibly at ease.

3. Everything Is Top Priority

Many people are oblivious to the meaning of the word prioritize. It entails giving your programmers a clear hierarchy of jobs and projects. However, many terrible managers do not choose to do so.

They believe that if they prioritize one work above another, they cannot complete the lesser priority task on time. 

They suggest that people can work on numerous projects “in parallel,” as if this miraculously gives them the capacity to code two things simultaneously.

However, managers frequently add additional “high-priority” jobs to the developers’ plates while expecting existing work to be completed on time.

Programmers discussing a topic

Many programmers have to work in an environment where everything is the priority. Whenever they do not complete something on time, it is easy for the boss to blame the programmers.

Fortunately, this characteristic helps computer engineers quickly get used to the working pressure. Moreover, they can get the ability to arrange the schedule more effectively.

4. Other People’s Bad Code

Programmers, like authors, have their distinct styles, and they prefer to change whatever code they come across into something that conforms to them.

Developers do not despise anyone’s code except their own. The majority of programmers must learn the principle of more experienced programmers.

Diving into the coding system from a developer who did not do a good job may be unpleasant. Sometimes they were inept, and other times they were simply lazy.

It is a nightmarish scenario in any case once you have to keep or modify that code. The necessary time to get your brain around another’s thinking is the most challenging obstacle.

It is much more difficult when the prior developer did not generate any documentation describing how things functioned or did not write any unit or integration tests that would have revealed data about user flow.

Without comments, code might be challenging to comprehend. The principal programmer is responsible for preventing these circumstances.

5. Bad Bosses

Bosses who believe they are experts in everything just because they learn about many subjects exist in real life. They create irrational assumptions which have no foundation in the field. 

Developers despise excessive management because they have to attend unending meetings, which consume much time. It may cause continual direction changes in the program, which wastes even more time.

computer engineers working with their boss

Computer engineers also despise a lack of management—a team without well-defined processes will be in continual agony since no one is on the same page.

The best development managers will not set unrealistic timelines; typically, the non-technical individuals do. Since the management recognizes that they are not experts, they will listen to programmers and benefit from the doubt.

Most importantly, managers will grant engineers some liberty but not allow the team to become fully unstructured.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field. We hope all these concerns will benefit you a lot.

Why Do Software Engineers Hate Their Job?

Many programmers dislike their jobs since they spend little time coding. Negotiating needs with managers or project managers who do not appear to comprehend anything but own strong opinions may be another reason.

Why Are People Interested In CE?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science will prepare you for a profession in coding or programming. It provides a thorough grasp of the theory underlying the procedures involved in developing computer applications and programs.

What Do You Love About Computer Science?

If you like solving issues for your gratification or appreciating others, you will adore coding and creating new things. 

Moreover, computer science will be your favorite job if you’re curious about how things function, such as networks, apps, and computers.


So, how do you feel about these things that make you love and hate computer engineering?