Why Do Students Need To Study Information Technology?

Information technology is a discipline that many people pursue in the era of rapid development of digital technology. When studying this field, graduates will do many different jobs because it is highly applicable.

Information technology is a fascinating field of study. If you know the following reasons, then you will love it even more. So let’s find out why so many people pursue this field:

  • Prepare for the future
  • Increase knowledge
  • Great job opportunity
  • Can be flexible in many areas
  • Flexible working time

The content below will give you a detailed answer. Let’s explore together!

Information Technology, or IT

Information technology is all applications around us. The phone, the laptop, the TV, or the internet are all information technology applications.

Technology engineers are also now developing many tools to optimize business operations.

Tasks such as goods counting, import, and export information are all managed on a technology system. This system contains all the clues, so you won’t need to work or calculate manually.

Information Technology: e-learning- technological advancement, digital literacy movement, human rights, good governance, building modern society

Information technology is a general term in smaller jobs such as computer engineers, software engineers, computer scientists, etc. However, no matter what field you work in, you must learn the basics of information technology.

These fundamentals will include design, learning about systems, software, and administration.

Most people who study information technology can do general jobs. The difference is that they will study in-depth in a field and study more closely in that field.

Indeed with the attraction and convenience of information technology, you will want to study this industry. However, the following reasons to study information will be even more practical and meaningful when you realize them.

1. Prepare for the future

IT is future: shopping, music, gaming, video, movie, etc.

You can see the world growing faster and faster. New technologies and research are released every day. Those inventions are all to help the development of the future and make life simpler.

The achievements of information technology are present in your life, and you can compare them to previous years. Air conditioners, microwave ovens, and washing machines are all information technology products, making life easier.

Don’t just stop at those utilities. Imagine, without the development of information technology, how could you now read this article?

Therefore, pursuing this profession is a preparation for the future. In a few years, you may be the one to create changes and breakthroughs in technology for the world.

2. Increase knowledge and understanding

online learning

Not everyone who goes to college in any major will do the same major. A person who learns to be a teacher can also work as a reporter.

So, you don’t necessarily have to do IT jobs after finishing school. Yet, the knowledge you have in learning about information technology will help in life.

The knowledge and skills you learn will be able to apply to fix a problem right in your home. Thanks to that knowledge base, you can also improve your understanding to apply to things around you.

3. Great job opportunity


Although information technology is developing strongly, it is still a profession that lacks good human resources.

Many people finish their studies but refuse to build according to the chosen path but switch to another field. Some people follow that path but do not take it seriously or study intensively.

The above reasons are just one of many reasons why this industry is still in short supply of human resources. If you study hard and seriously and define a clear plan, you will stand out in this industry.

The salary of information technology engineers is not low. The demand for human resources in the industry is high, along with knowledge and seriousness in work, surely your salary will not be bad.

4. Can be flexible in many areas

multiple job offers

Information technology is one of the most important majors you can apply to a wide range of careers after completing your studies.

Many people will only think of jobs like repairing computer science or installing software when hearing about information technology.

However, if you research this discipline, you will see a map with more options than that. The programmers, software developers, or website designers out there are also rooted in information technology.

From those simple jobs, you can choose a direction for intensive development.

Depending on each person’s capacity, you can reach higher positions such as department head or director after only a few years. This job needs high concentration, but surely the salary will be worth it and not let you down.

5. Flexible working time

working from home

The growing trend today is working remotely, working from home. With information technology, it seems to be the leading industry in applying this trend.

With just a computer, you can work in any space you want. This flexibility and diversity of space will stimulate your creativity and work from there.

Not only space, but you can also master your time. You can work whenever you want, not forced into a fixed time frame. So you can be flexible and arrange your plan without worrying about overlap or influence.

However, this flexibility requires engineers to have seriousness and self-discipline as well as reasonable time management skills.

Even if the company doesn’t control you in terms of time and space, you still need to ensure productivity.

The Bottom Line

As you see, the job opportunities of information technology engineers are tremendous, and there is a clear promotion.

We hope the article has helped you understand the reasons that you should pursue information technology.