10 Best Jobs for Computer Science Students

Are you a computer science student wondering about your job opportunities? Then look no further! This exciting industry is waiting for talents to join.

So, we will recommend the best jobs for CS right here. It’s time to discover your passion. Then, you can shape the digital future!

Your skills and knowledge of computer science can unlock doors to innovation. You can also get many job chances. And, here are the best options:

1. Software Developer

Salary: $105,000


Your duties involve coding, designing, testing, and maintaining software apps. Besides, you will work with clients or project managers to understand their requirements.

Moreover, you must follow new technologies. Yet, do not worry because your partners can help you.


You need analytical thinking skills. In addition, try to pay attention to detail, or you must do everything repeatedly.

Besides, your job also needs you to be creative. Moreover, proficiency in data structures and algorithms is crucial.

2. Web Developer

Salary: $86,949


Web development is about coding and reviewing your code for websites, typically HTML, JavaScript, or XML. Other tasks include navigation menus and user interfaces.

Then, you have to integrate multimedia content into your website and test it. And if needed, troubleshoot errors to improve their performance.


You must learn about functional languages to work as a web developer. Understanding databases and how to work with them will help with your job.

Moreover, web design and debugging skills are prerequisites for success. Try to keep learning to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape in this field.

Consider becoming a web developer

3. Mobile App Developer

Salary: $69,000


Your duties as a mobile app developer include designing, developing, and testing apps for Android or iOS platforms.

In addition, you will collaborate with stakeholders, write code, debug, and troubleshoot issues. You just try to ensure your app meets user requirements.


First, mobile app developers should excel in programming languages, depending on their platform. Knowledge of mobile app development frameworks, debugging, UI/UX principles, and testing is also essential.

4. IT Project Manager

Salary: $142,000


An IT project manager’s role involves these tasks: Planning -> Executing -> Monitoring. More specifically, you will oversee the project scope, schedule, and budget. Then, manage your team to deliver a successful project.


First, you need strong technical skills. For example, a degree in computer science will help you stand out. Then, hone your leadership, communication, and organizational skills.

5. UX Designer

Salary: $74,000


UX (User Experience) designers conduct user research to design intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. And to ensure a seamless experience for digital products, they collaborate with stakeholders.


You must be good at designing to follow your dream. Furthermore, strong skills in research, testing, and prototyping are equally important.

UX designing is a good career path

6. Information Security Analyst

Salary: $98,000


Your duty list as an information security analyst is all about security systems. Hence, you have to monitor, analyze, and implement security measures. Identifying potential threats is also your daily task.


Because of your duties for the job, you must be excellent at security frameworks. And sometimes, you will work with risk assessment and network protocols.

Besides, you will get more job opportunities with experience with security tools and technologies.

7. Systems Architect

Salary: $109,000


As you can guess from the name, you will design and oversee complex computer systems. But first, you need to analyze requirements and develop architectural solutions.


Your degree in computer science will give you a solid background when applying for this job. In addition, remember to focus on system architecture principles.

And ultimately, practice your analytical and problem-solving skills to be a promising candidate.

You will be in charge of the system

8. AI Engineer

Salary: $144,000


If you like to keep up with the latest technology trends, become an AI engineer. Then, you will develop and implement AI models. Machine learning is also your regular task.


A background in computer science is a big plus. Besides, you need knowledge of machine learning algorithms. Strong problem-solving skills will also help you perform well in your job.

9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Salary: $114,000


You will be responsible for designing computer hardware components. The hardware systems are your duties, too. You need to test and develop them.

What’s more, these tasks include conducting research and creating prototypes. So, your objective is to ensure the performance of computer hardware products.


If you want to become a computer hardware engineer, choose the right major. Your options can be computer engineering or electrical engineering.

Besides, you have to solve all problems with the computer hardware. And, this task requires problem-solving skills. Attention to detail will also be necessary.

10. Video Game Developer

Salary: $65,000


Your responsibilities for this job are designing, coding, and testing your video games. Your manager also asks you to perform other relevant tasks. For example, you have to debug and implement graphics and audio.


You need a strong background in computer science to start. Besides, video game development requires proficiency in mathematics and game engines. And don’t forget to develop your problem-solving skills.


We have recommended the best jobs for computer science students. Now, consider your ability and preference to choose the suitable career path for you.

However, working in technology is not easy. Hence, keep honing your skills and expanding your knowledge. Then, you will get your dream job.