Computer Science vs. Management Information Systems

Which is better for your future and ability, Computer Science (CS) or Management Information Systems (MIS)? You’re not alone if you’re thinking about a career in technology but aren’t clear about which path to pursue.

This article will help compare CS and MIS side by side. Let’s scroll down until the end to choose the best path for your journey!

What is Computer Science?

The field of computer science, commonly known as software engineering, is associated with writing the code that regulates how a computer system works.

In other words, technology is the core of computer science. It sheds light on developing programs within the computer.

Computer science students will gain knowledge of programming languages, operating systems, and database systems. Then, when they graduate, they will be in charge of these roles:

  • Designing and developing software applications on different platforms
  • Building websites and web-based applications using programming languages
  • Analyzing databases to provide insights for businesses and governments
  • Protecting computer systems from cyber attacks

CS students spend most of their time studying science and math. After graduation, they often work as software developers or similar career paths.

The USA is among the best destinations for computer science schools and courses. If you follow this path, you will get an edge in your future.

Computer science is all about technology

What is Management Information Systems?

MIS (Management Information Systems) is more application-oriented than computer science. It pays the most attention to the delivery and implementation of technological solutions.

Graduates in MIS can also code. They are more dedicated to developing a database system customized to meet the requirements of the business, though.

MIS students usually enroll in accounting and business classes to understand how a firm works. They then efficiently use all of their knowledge to support business growth.

Other classes in MIS are web development, programming, business analytics, and database management. After studying all of them, MIS graduates can take these roles in their companies:

  • Analyzing business requirements and identifying opportunities for process improvement
  • Planning and leading technology projects
  • Managing and maintaining computer systems and networks
  • Monitoring the database to ensure authorized users can easily access it
MIS uses technology to grow businesses

Key Differences

While computer science focuses solely on technology, MIS uses technology as a base for business growth. Hence, these two disciplines are different in coursework, objective, career path, and job opportunities.

1. Coursework

Computers and computational systems are the heart of computer science. It involves studying computer hardware and architecture. You also need to focus on designing, analyzing, and creating software and algorithmic programs.

Coursework in computer science often asks for more difficult mathematics and coding classes. For instance, you will study data structures, programming languages, algorithms, linear algebra, calculus, and more.

Conversely, MIS focuses on managing and utilizing IT to support business objectives and daily operations. Data management, business analysis, and computer network and execution are all parts of it.

MIS coursework includes economics, accounting, project management, and business management lessons. You will also take classes in database analytics and information systems.

2. Objective

The primary objective of computer science is to build and develop your practical and theoretical computer skills. Then, you can use them to design, implement, and maintain software and hardware systems.

On the contrary, the objective of MIS is to develop the skills required to use technology to support and manage business operations.

3. Career Paths

Computer science and MIS have different coursework and objectives. Hence, each will lead to a different career path.

For example, if you choose computer science, your job options include the following:

On the other hand, if MIS is your learning curve, you may become a:

4. Job Opportunities

Both CS and MIS have promising career opportunities. Even so, the need for employees in certain disciplines may vary depending on the industry trend, location, and the current state of your local market.

In general, computer science graduates are in higher demand. The rapid development in the technology industry calls for qualified workers.

But MIS graduates also have a lot of choices. Because of technological development, businesses must keep track of the hottest trends.

Comparison Table

This comparison table will help you summarize the differences between Computer Science and MIS. Let’s check it before making your decision.

Computer ScienceMIS
FocusTechnologyBusiness application
CourseworkMath and codingApplication of technology to grow businesses
ObjectiveDeveloping technologyGrowing businesses
Career PathsSoftware Engineer
Database Administrator
Computer Hardware Engineer
Information Security Analyst
Business Analyst
Program Manager
Technology Analyst
Web Developer
IT Analyst
Software Developer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Job OpportunitiesNumerousNumerous

Which Should You Choose?

Both disciplines lead to a promising career path. Hence, the ultimate choice depends on your interests, goals, and skills. Here is something to consider before making your decision:


Which do you prefer, technical or business focus? If you love the technical aspects of technology, computer science will be more suitable for you. When choosing this coursework, you can study programming, software design, and algorithms.

But if you are more interested in the business aspects of technology, MIS should be your way to go. The project management and computer system management courses will keep you engaged.

Career goals

If you are looking for a technical role, such as a database administrator or a software developer, choose computer science.

In contrast, MIS must be what you need if you want to become a IT project manager or a business analyst.


Both CS and MIS use technology but in a different way. If technology is what you love, go for computer science. However, if you just want to use it for business growth, MIS will be more suitable for you.

Hopefully, the comparison above can help you settle on the right career path. Now, follow your heart and be determined to achieve your career goal!