10 Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Marketing Consultant

Every business now goes online. That’s why they need digital marketing consultants to remain competitive and grow their online presence.

Digital marketing is booming, but it comes with many benefits and challenges, one of which may change your mind about following this career path.

So, before you start, check the advantages and disadvantages of being a digital marketing consultant first! Then, you can find the answer.

Who Is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is a marketing expert who advises companies on boosting their digital marketing strategies. They may work for a company and are in charge of its marketing aspects. Or they work independently with their own clients.

These experts can offer different digital marketing services like SEO, branding, or content. The scope of projects varies, too, depending on the client’s needs.

As a digital marketing consultant, I often work on these aspects:

  • Marketing strategy: The strategy here is the roadmap for every marketing campaign. If my client chooses this service, I must plan a long-term approach and regularly check data analytics.
  • Branding: When working on this aspect, I try to improve the brand image with effective digital marketing campaigns.
  • Content planning: Content is also vital for driving traffic. My customers often ask me to develop a content calendar to guide efforts based on their overall content strategy.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This concept is all about using keywords to help my content rank high in the search results. Then, it will reach more audiences.
Digital marketing consultants

I’m a full-time digital marketing consultant for a company. But I also have my own clients and help them with their marketing efforts.

After years of working in this industry, I have been through many ups and downs. If you intend to try it, check my words!

The benefits of flexibility, numerous job opportunities, and multiple incomes keep me engaged with my job.

1. Flexible Work

Digital marketing, as its name implies, works online. So, I just need a computer and a stable internet connection to assist my company and clients.

If commuting to work a lot seems annoying to you, consider this job. Just ensure to deliver high-quality work. Then, your room can be your workplace!

2. Diverse Options

Every business wants to promote its online presence regardless of the industry. Yet, they don’t know how to do it properly. So, they hire digital marketing consultants.

Working in this role, you can experiment with different niches. And because of its flexible nature, you may even join foreign projects.

3. Job Opportunities

Just do a quick research on job search websites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor. You can easily see that many companies are seeking digital marketing consultants. Job openings are in every industry and location.

It means if you study digital marketing, you will have many opportunities. With essential skills, you will surely settle on an ideal position.

4. High Demand

Almost every company has a marketing department. If not, they will hire external staff to cover this part.

The high demand for digital marketing can ensure job security. Even in the harsh competition for jobs, you know somebody needs your talent. So be confident to prove yourself!

Digital marketing is in high demand

5. Multiple Sources of Income

The average salary for digital marketing consultants was around $92,566 per year. But that’s only the fixed rate.

One of the best things about this job is that you can join multiple projects at a time. This way, your income will be much higher than $92,566.

As I have mentioned, aside from my full-time job, I have my own clients. The extra income source makes me happy.

6. Talent-Driven Career Path

I also love my job because it’s where true talent can shine. As long as I perform well at work, I can climb up my career ladder.

7. Developing Industry

Everything is online now. Most of us use the internet to check up on news and information. This trend leads to the development of digital marketing.

As an expert in this industry, I can tell that it will grow in the next few years. So, hone your skills now. And you will be ready to enter this dynamic world soon.

This field continues to grow

In addition to the lucrative benefits, this job comes with several challenges.

8. Competition

First, since digital marketing is growing rapidly, many people have started to join the game. Thus, you must study hard, sharpen your marketing skills, and gain experience to stay competitive. It’s the only way to stand out from the crowd!

9. Time Dedication

Flexibility is a big plus when working as a digital marketing consultant. However, it also means you have to work at any time. If you have foreign clients, you may need to discuss with them overnight.

10. Many Tasks To Cover

As a consultant, you work on almost every aspect of digital marketing. It sounds cool, but there are many tasks to cover.

The piece of advice here is to learn how to manage your time effectively, especially when you have multiple projects. Plus, don’t ignore your health! Working is important, and so is work-life balance!

You have many tasks

Should You Become a Digital Marketing Consultant?

This job is really fun. But I don’t advise everyone to choose it because it’s a personal matter.

This career is for you if you love digital marketing. You should also feel eager when following the trends and helping others with their marketing efforts.

Consider your skills, too. Aside from technical skills, communication is super important as you have to interact with many people.

Wrapping Up

You will have a flexible work schedule if you become a digital marketing consultant. There are also many job opportunities with good pay. You can even have your own clients and projects.

But remember that the competition in this field is harsh. Moreover, you have many tasks to cover. Sometimes, you have to work late.

After considering the pros and cons of this job, you can now decide whether to choose it, right? Hopefully, this guide can help!