11 Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve worked as a digital marketing specialist for a while and have many stories to tell. If you are thinking about this job, you’re in the right place!

In this post, we will chat about the advantages and disadvantages of being a digital marketing specialist. Then, you can decide whether this career is right for you. So ready?

Let’s go right now!

Who Is a Digital Marketing Specialist?

A digital marketing specialist helps develop and maintain a company’s brand through effective marketing campaigns. To achieve this goal, they have to perform market research first. Then, based on the results, they will work with other marketing experts and create content to run the campaigns.

There are many marketing techniques. Thus, the digital marketing specialist has to compare all until they find the one that works best for their company. They also learn how competing businesses play this marketing game.

Digital marketing involves multiple concepts. As a digital marketing specialist, I’m in charge of everything. For example:

  • Before doing anything, I must learn what I should achieve. So, I do market research and meet with the marketing director to understand my company’s and clients’ needs.
  • Then, I focus on my primary task: develop and execute marketing campaigns. After building, I keep track of their performance and modify them when necessary.
  • I also work with writers to discuss high-quality content.
  • Visual elements are essential for marketing, too. So, I collaborate with graphic designers to create the visual assets.
Digital marketing specialists

I’ve worked as a digital marketing specialist for years. My work life is like a rollercoaster with twists and turns. The pros and cons of working in this role I share here will explain what I’ve just said.

There are many benefits for a digital marketing specialist. For example, I have a flexible schedule and many job opportunities. I can also grow in my career.

1. Flexibility

First, I love the fact I don’t have to commute to work every day. Everything is online now, especially digital marketing.

Hence, I often visit a coffee shop to change my mood and get more ideas for the next campaigns. Spending some time there really boosts my creativity.

2. Variety

Every company needs marketing to grow online. This rule works for all industries. It means you can choose your favorite sector.

You can also work for an outsourcing company. This way, you can join different projects from various niches.

3. Creativity

Marketing is a place where my creativity can glow. I like keeping up with new trends and using them in my campaigns. Working with fresh things like this always excites me!

You can experience the same thing! In fact, creativity is one of the criteria to become a digital marketing specialist. If you are a creative person, this job will suit you well!

Ideal job for creativity

4. Growth Rate

There are more and more digital platforms these days, and customers tend to buy things online. This trend leads to the development of digital marketing.

Companies try to build effective marketing networks. As a digital marketing specialist, you will help them attract customers and grow their business.

5. Diverse Options

If you work for a company, you will be responsible for its marketing campaigns. Yet, you can also join external projects, each with different approaches. And that’s how things get exciting!

You can be flexible. Multitasking will then help you handle your projects well while delivering good performance.

If you are a freelancer, then you even decide your clients, projects, and working time. There are tons of career options for you now. Just try each and find the ideal path!

6. Potential for Impact

Digital marketing can affect the sales of a company. If you perform well, you can contribute to your business development.

In other words, you play a vital role in your company’s brand awareness and product sales. Once you know your impact, you will be motivated to work harder to achieve better results.

7. Decent Income

As of 2023, digital marketing specialists can earn around $89,999 per year. This rate is not really high. But you know what? There are many things to expect.

First, the flexibility of this job allows you to join multiple projects at a time. Each will bring an extra income source.

Moreover, your salary will increase as you perform well and gain more experience. You can try higher-level positions with more benefits and bonuses.

You can have multiple income sources

Working as a digital marketing specialist is fun yet challenging. The competition and stress levels in this field are high. Plus, it’s hard to determine ROI.

8. High Competition

Digital marketing is growing, attracting more and more people to follow this career path. Hence, to become a good digital marketing specialist, you must work on your skills and experience. With a strong resume, you can stand out!

9. Rapidly Changing Landscape

New marketing trends emerge every day. Thus, as a digital marketing specialist, you have to stay updated with the hottest techniques and topics.

10. Hard To Determine ROI

You use ROI to measure how much of your investment can lead to success. In digital marketing, you work with Google AdWords and Ads Manager to calculate ROI. However, they are not always accurate.

11. Stress

You are responsible for the online presence of your company. This task also affects its sales and image. Hence, you will be stressed out sometimes.

Your skills will help you ensure the best results. But you should also learn how to deal with stress. Otherwise, the pressure will limit your creativity.

You have many responsibilities

Should You Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?

After checking the pros and cons of this job, you can tell whether it suits you.

If you love marketing and exploring new trends, this job will excite you. You will also feel satisfied with the performance of your campaigns. This feeling can encourage you to stick to the job.

Consider your skills, when answering this question. Even when you love this job, you should be good at it to ensure job security. Here are some skills to work on:

  • Data analysis
  • Content creation
  • SEO and SEM
  • CRM
  • Communication
  • Social media

Final Thoughts

The pros and cons of being a digital marketing specialist are numerous. Because this field is rising, you will have many job opportunities and good pay. It also means the competition is harsh. Moreover, you must keep up with the trends every day.

Hopefully, you can decide on your career after checking this post. Whatever your choice is, good luck with your journey ahead!