10 Best Project Management Software

Do you need help managing your projects effectively? Do you want to organize multiple spreadsheets and tasks to keep track of your team’s progress?

We’ll explore the top ten project management software on the market and help you pick the perfect one. Whether you’re a chief, trade proprietor, or business person, our guide will deliver your proposals for your extended objectives.

If you need one, consider your work nature and need to choose your ideal software.

1. ClickUp



Platform Windows, macOS, iPad
Languages Supported English
Native time tracking No

Key Features

ClickUp was the first project management software I used. It meets my need to manage and complete all my team projects on the same platform.

With ClickUp, I can plan projects, schedule, and manage resources. I also easily delegate work with team members or contact customers.

Another upside I’m impressed with is that it allows chatting with other team members through data commenting. This simple feature helps me stay well-connected with my teammates.

The free version also has many essential features, such as task management and standard data navigation.

The only problem you need to face while using this software is that its options must be more detailed. So, learning how to use them effectively will take time.

Price: From $8/user/month.

Website Link: ClickUp.


  • The free version has many useful features.
  • Support to connect well with teammates.
  • Good resource management tool.
  • Support for project planning.
  • Manage all team projects on the same platform.


  • It takes a lot of time to get used to

2. ConceptDraw MindMaps

ConceptDraw MindMaps


Platform Windows, macOS
Languages Supported English
Native time tracking No

Key Features

Mind mapping is one of the best ways to organize your messy ideas. And ConceptDraw MindMaps is the most useful diagramming tool I have ever used.

This tool is relatively simple to use as it can be an upgrade of MOS Word. Some features that make ConceptDraw MindMaps worth investing in are super notes, inserting images and attachments into mind maps, and easy-to-use drafting tools.

ConceptDraw MindMaps is a powerful tool to help organize work and ideas. My biggest complaint about it is the high price, especially while it has some drawbacks like no mobile support.

Price: From $199/user.

Website Link: ConceptDraw MindMaps


  • Simple to use.
  • Visualize every idea.
  • A powerful tool for organizing work.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Easily insert images and attachments.


  • The price is high compared to what it supports.

3. Monday



Platform Browsers
Languages Supported English, German, French, Italian
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

I learned about Monday as its award-winning project management platform used in many fields. And after using it for a long time, I understand why Monday.com is so popular.

Its features satisfy me, from resource management to time tracking to collaboration. The features I love about this software include giving comments, mentioning teammates, collecting data from tables, and monitoring progress.

I also tried using Monday to track hours, schedules, and bills. Unfortunately, it only provides the complete tools for project accounting like others.

Price: From $8/user/month.

Website Link: Monday


  • It comes with many project management software
  • Easy-to-use reporting dashboard.
  • A free plan for 2 users is available.
  • Increase team performance.
  • Easy to work in groups.


  • There needs to be a complete function for the accounting project.

4. Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix


Platform Windows, macOS
Languages Supported English, Spanish
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

This project management software helps me always to prioritize and focus on the things that matter most.

I can know and communicate the project’s tasks in the Priority Matrix center with my teammate. Meanwhile, the master listing feature gives me a more detailed view of the project and its completion schedule.

Priority Matrix is a powerful platform for controlling crucial tasks. With this in mind, I always complete all assignments and get the most accurate report.

The only problem is that Priority Matrix should improve its need for more access. Sometimes, my colleagues need help with random editing with a project that is different from theirs.

Price: $12 – $24/user/month.

Website Link: Priority Matrix


  • Focus on the most critical tasks.
  • Allows easy project overview control
  • Powerful data management.
  • Help users to complete the job quickly.
  • Friendly and easy to use.


  • Lack of access control.

5. Wrike



Platform Windows, macOS, iPad
Languages Supported English, French, German, Chinese
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

I always recommend Wrike for group projects or more. This multi-user management software has several upsides you should consider at least once.

The simple interface is one of my favorite things about Wrike. I had no trouble switching between Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and many other modes.

I also tested features like ready-made templates and workflow automation, which immensely helped my work. The publisher also provides more than 400 pre-built native integrations for this software.

The publisher will offer more integrations and fix some drawbacks in the future. Wrike would be even more perfect if it had offline access and a better-commenting system.

Price: $9.80 – $24.80.

Website Link: Wrike


  • Suitable for multi-member projects.
  • Simple interface.
  • Handy pre-sampling feature.
  • Automate smart workflows.
  • Provides over 400 pre-built native features


  • No offline access.

6. Celoxis



Platform Browser
Languages Supported English
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

The first time I used Celoxis, I was surprised by its new features. The project software on this website is easier to interact with than I ever imagined.

Celoxis is one of the most potent project control platforms I’ve ever used, with its Gantt chart. The software’s diagrams allow me to manage project teams, resources, dependencies between projects, and more.

I was also impressed with the task control process in Celoxis. It allows me to view tasks to do, detect and report errors, and notify members crucially.

On the other hand, besides the upsides, there are some issues that publishers need to improve in the future. For example, Celoxis’ menu structure could be simpler and more efficient for me to build my detailed report.

Price: From $25/user/month.

Website Link: Celoxis


  • A powerful web-based project control platform.
  • Rich in interactivity.
  • Include a timer in the app.
  • Smart task management.
  • Make a formal announcement.


  • Complex menu structure.

7. Confluence



Platform Windows, macOS, iPad
Languages Supported English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish
Native Time Tracking No

Key Features

If you’re trying to find software that permits you to connect and share ideas and data, Confluence is worth an attempt.

I mistakenly thought it was just a tool to help share files and data. However, in reality, Confluence has brought an open and shared workspace.

I use it to create work tasks, manage, and collaborate with colleagues. Over the past few years, I have completed my product launch plan and began my marketing campaign using Confluence.

Besides that, I am satisfied with all my experiences with this software. Yet, I just needed some help with the table formatting. I expect to spend less time fixing bugs in future versions.

Price: $10 – $30/month.

Website Link: Confluence


  • Support file and data sharing
  • Create open and shared workspaces.
  • Support easy connection and teamwork.
  • Can handle tasks in many fields.
  • Increase workload.


  • Lots of trouble formatting the table.

8. Height



Platform Windows, macOS
Languages Supported English
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

There are reasons why Height is one of my favorite project control software. One of the things that make Height always unique to me is that it’s customizable. I can adapt this all-in-one tool to suit my process and work nature.

The platform also features real-time chat. I can connect with colleagues and make shares and announcements whenever I perform tasks.

Height is a new software released only in the last few years. So, it still needs to improve many features, such as adding more automation.

Even so, this version is still one of the project control software that is well worth checking out.

Price: $9.99/user/month.

Website Link: Height


  • Easy customization.
  • Can handle many processes and tasks.
  • Real-time chatting features
  • Connect and exchange well with teammates.
  • Can connect to many third-party tools.


  • Lack of automation features.

9. Smartsheet



Platform Windows, macOS
Languages Supported English
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

Smartsheet comes with a spreadsheet-like interface. If you are used to working with Excel, you will love Smartsheet.

The most significant difference is that it doesn’t use complex formulas. Instead, it intelligently syncs calculations across multiple sheets.

Its automation is also reflected in the workflow. Also, Smartsheet has a deadline reminder feature to help me keep track of important milestones.

Another feature I like is that it has real-time change notifications for team members. Yet, things work out differently with the landing page. It is a drawback to this software that ought to be overcome.

Price: $7 – $25/month.

Website Link: Smartsheet


  • Friendly and easy to get to know.
  • Simple tools to use.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Many new features
  • Real-time change notifications.


  • A landing page is slow to respond

10. Kintone



Platform Windows, macOS, iPad
Languages Supported English, Japanese, Chinese
Native time tracking Yes

Key Features

Kintone has the most novel approach to task and project management I’ve ever experienced. It allows me to build personalized project management software from templates and spreadsheets. Its flexibility makes it easy to manage projects, complete a sales CRM, and generate expense reports simultaneously.

Kintone’s task filtering and prioritization are also remarkable. This feature helps me create custom reports in no time. Accordingly, creating reminders or handing over work between team members is no longer too complicated.

I recommend field-based task filtering and optimization software like Kintone. Unfortunately, it is only available in 5-user minimum plans.

Price: $15 – $24/month.

Website Link: Kintone


  • It can be personalized.
  • Smart task filtering and prioritization.
  • Generate reports in no time.
  • Automated and flexible assignment.
  • Optimizing tasks according to data fields.


  • Offer only multi-user support

How to Choose?

Identify Your Needs

You will need to use a different type of software for each task. So, clearly define your problem and work nature to find project software with the right features.

Create A List Of Options

After determining your needs, you should research and list the suitable software. The more detailed the list, the better your chances of finding the ideal product.

Test Each App

Check out the software you listed earlier for yourself. It will help you make the right decision. Usually, the software will have a free trial available for you to experience. If all its features are perfect for handling your tasks, consider paying for its premium version to access additional extended support.

Check Out The Feedback

Taking feedback is an essential step in the search for project management software. In particular, you should be interested in the feedback from your colleagues. Along with you, they are the people who will work directly with the project management software.

Consider The Cost

Most current software requires a fee. Yet, each has a different cost, depending on the features it offers. Consider how much you pay and the benefits you get in return. Also, remember to compare software prices with similar features to make the correct choice.


Are you still wondering about the best project management software? I have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

What Is The Most Commonly Used Project Management Tool?

An IRA is one of the most used project management tools. It works based on Agile SDLC, and the work management is flexible.

What Are The 4 Ms In Project Management?

4 Ms is an important principle in project management. It addresses the four essential issues for a project: Machines, Manpower, Methods, and Materials.

What Are The Main Types Of Software Project Management?

There are two most common types of project management software. The first popular type is the desktop one. Meanwhile, the second one works on the website, which will not require hardware.

What Are The Three Needs Of Software Project Management?

The three most essential needs of software project management are time, value, and quality.

Final Thoughts

ClickUp is one of the most recommended project management software. It is powerful to meet most project schedule control and management requirements.

If you need a highly customizable version, Height is also reliable software. So, refer to the top 10 project management software and find the most effective tool for you. Thank you for reading!