CISA Certification Overview

The portfolio of IT professionals cannot lack high-level certificates. They help prove your skills and knowledge for many tasks. The certificates also help advance your career prospect and bring more job opportunities.

Among the IT certificates, CISA is one of the most popular in the field. So, what values and knowledge does CISA cover? When should you apply for the CISA certification? Keep reading this post to discover the answer!

What Is The CISA Certification?

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. As its name suggests, this tool helps verify your capacity and knowledge in IT auditing. It has also become an industry standard for IT auditors.

ISACA is the organization that issues this certificate. You will have to pass a combination of testing and application to qualify for CISA. Besides auditors, it’s also valuable for security professionals and IT managers.

You have to pass an exam held by ISACA to earn the certificate. It consists of 150 questions within a total of 4 hours.

On a maximum scale of 800, you have to score at least 450 to pass the exam. You can take the test in nearby exam locations or do it online. The exam is also available in various languages to provide higher accessibility.

CISA certificate

Why Get The CISA Certification?

Many people pursue CISA because of its high recognition. It can help you seek professions with top salaries, and demonstrates your deep experience.

Meanwhile, organizations will assign roles and tasks based on staff performance. With high experience, you can seek larger projects and hold important positions.

Therefore, CISA will help advance your career prospect. You can also earn more respect from peers and customers with this certification.

CISA will also open up more job opportunities, especially in the IT auditing field. The tool also verifies your capacity to assess risks and management.

CISA is a valuable certification for IT analysis and auditors

How To Obtain The CISA Certification?

You must go 5 steps to acquire the certificate. First, you must successfully pass the CISA exam. Then, you complete a form to apply for the certification.

The next step is to adhere to the administration and complete the education program. After complying with the organization’s standards, you will earn CISA.

The requirements to apply for CISA aim towards the professional level. Firstly, you must have at least five years of experience working in the field. Yet, you can use some waivers if you have the other IT certificates.

The exam for CISA is also challenging. It consists of many questions about the auditing domains and skills. It also tests your knowledge in many IT areas, especially information auditing.

After passing the exam, ISACA will send you an email. It will instruct you on applying for the certificate and fulfill the remaining steps.

Prepare For The CISA Exam

ISACA offers many preparation resources for CISA exam takers. They range from group training to study resources.

Suppose you have little to no knowledge of auditing. Then, I recommend you sign up for one of these courses. You can consider their values and structure carefully to make a suitable choice.

For example, the online review course gives you access to studying materials online. You can also apply for the database and get up to 1000 sample questions. They will help you assess your ability and score before the test.

Besides, there’s an online community where you can find many other exam candidates. You can ask questions related to the exam and obtain experience.

You can join a training course to prepare for the CISA exam

How Much Does A CISA Certification Cost?

The organization will consider your membership at the time of registration. According to this policy, ISACA members have to pay $575 for the exam voucher. Meanwhile, the price for nonmembers is slightly higher ($760).

Yet, the course of preparing for the final exam can far exceed these numbers. It depends on your level of experience and skill. Typically, candidates must enroll in a training course to prepare for the test.

The subscription fee for members is $795, while nonmembers pay a total of $895. You also gain access to an online community in this course. It allows you to ask questions and gain more experience.

To sum up, the voucher alone won’t cost you a lot. Yet, you have to pay a large sum of money to train for the exam. Therefore, consider carefully before investing in the certificate.


Is CISA Better Than CISM?

CISM holders typically have higher expertise and skills than CISA holders. Thus, CISM is more suitable for professionals with medium to advanced skills. Meanwhile, CISA is a more suitable choice for new learners.

Is CISA Better Than CISSP?

CISA is the best choice if you want to specialize in IT auditing. It covers the best knowledge and skills you need for this profession. Meanwhile, CISSP focuses more on the cybersecurity field.

Is CISA better than CPA?

CPA and CISA both cover basic auditing techniques and tools. Yet, IT auditing is not the primary focus of CPA. If you want to be a professional in this field, CISA is the first choice to consider.

Does CISA Expire?

The certificate will last for three years after the day you obtain it. Yet, holders have to pay the maintenance fee annually.

Final Thoughts

If you want to develop a professional career in IT auditing, CISA is among the best certificates you can consider!

It will help you build all the essential skills and knowledge required for the job. Also, CISA features very high recognition and respect worldwide. With this certification, you can obtain job opportunities and seek your dream position.

Please consider the certificate’s values carefully and decide if it is worth the investment. Ensure that it can directly benefit your career path.

Thank you for reading!