Is CCNA Worth It? 4 Reasons To Get This Certification

Are you planning to pursue a position in the information technology (IT) industry? Then, many seniors recommend you should earn a CCNA certification.

What is CCNA? Is this certification worth It? If you are curious about the answer, look no further than this article! It will tackle all your questions and explain the root reasons. Scroll down to learn more!

What Is The CCNA? 

CCNA is the abbreviation of Cisco Certified Network Associate.

It is an enrollment network certification to help you get a job as a network expert, network engineer, or network administrator in the IT industry issued by Cisco, a networking hardware firm.

Here’s a brief overview of important details:

  • You must pass one test, a 200-301 CCNA, to obtain this certification.
  • Since around June 2021, this examination charges US$300, including tax.
  • Although there is no requirement for taking the examination, it is best to experience some network training and expertise.
  • Since June 2021, there have been 12,000 postings on Indeed and approximately 6,000 employment posts on Glassdoor in the United States that refer to the CCNA certificate.
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Is CCNA Worth It? 

Yes, totally worth it.

The following reasons will tell you why it is so valuable.

1. It Proves Your Eligibility For The Position.

According to a Cisco survey, certificate and diploma programs attract and hire employees for specialist networking roles.

Professional certificates are secondary to a four-year diploma as an employment qualifying criterion.

Certifications account for 49% of the total, while degrees account for 51%. 

This makes this degree among the determining factors used by job candidates worldwide to locate top talent.

2. It Demonstrates You Encounter A One-Of-A-Kind Learning Network.

The Cisco Learning Network is a Web-based learning platform that includes wikis, blogging, document sharing, or collaboration.

This network is for individuals in network employment who have different levels of experience and knowledge.

3. It Aids In The Development Of Your Skills And Knowledge.

Your expertise and experience will improve as a result of the certification procedure.

No matter how long you’ve worked in the sector, you’ll always learn something new that will advance your career.

You will detect various developments in the sector due to the certification procedure.

4. It Can Assist You In Advancing Your Career.

Including certificates in your portfolio or résumé can help you advance your career.

Because this certificate is internationally recognized, your profession will be applied practically anywhere you go.

Who knows, after you have your qualification, you might even earn a promotion.

What Does A CCNA Certification Include? 

This degree developed by Cisco serves as a baseline for network professionals at the entry level. 

Types of CCNA: cloud, collaboration, data center, industrial, routing & switching, security, service provider, wireless, cyber ops

Cisco’s curriculum certifies knowledge of Cisco equipment in medium-routed settings, including installation, debugging, and maintenance.

Cisco’s typical program includes two tests that teach networking fundamentals, setup expertise, Cisco switching, and routing.

This certification covers a wide variety of topics important to networking professionals.

This certification covers IP connectivity, other services, networking basics, security basics, programmability, and automation.

Who Should Get A CCNA? 

Cisco certificates are suitable for all levels of Cisco employees. Cisco designed this certificate to be useful for people who want to participate in networking.

If you want to shift into the IT field from another industry or get further education to complement your present employment, this certification is a great place to start.

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Cisco certificates are industry-recognized qualifications that can aid you in advancing your career.

It’s a great way to get started with Cisco networking, and it’ll set you up for future Cisco certifications like the CCDP and CCNP.

There is no requirement for a particular credential to pass an examination of Cisco; hence there are no prerequisites.

Before commencing the certificate course, you need to have a fundamental grasp of networking.

How Do You Acquire A CCNA? 

It is challenging to gain this certification. You must pass the 200-301 examination of Cisco.

As a result, we’ve put up a list of preparation tips to help you get a high test score.

1. Make A Study Plan

Many people do not stick to a study schedule, so they waste their time. It would help if you started working on a learning plan as soon as possible.

It is best to prepare for the exam to allow a set amount of time for every task. 

Setting aside one hour daily after school or work before leaving the workplace or campus is a bright idea.

2. Prepare A Syllabus For The CCNA Exam

Jot down all necessary information and theories while you prepare to make it easy for you to review them well before the actual exam.

3. Take Part In The Cisco Training Course

Enrolling in Cisco’s training course is the fastest and most efficient approach to becoming qualified.

It consists of various study resources, including self-study materials, lectures, hands-on laboratories, all of which fulfill the curriculum.

4. Become A Member Of A Boot Camp Program

Participating in a boot camp is the most reliable way to pass this exam. 

Experienced trainers will provide you with various study alternatives and assistance with your preparation plan to ensure that you succeed on the first try.

What Is The Cost Of The CCNA Exam? 

Cisco doesn’t offer the CCNA credential officially. Alternatively, they work with partners like MyComputerCareer to provide the certification testing and training.

The fee of attending and completing an examination is governed by the partner who will assist you in your education. A person might expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $500 for certification.

If you think your company would benefit from this certificate, talk to them about it. If the examination isn’t mandatory, you can select how much money it’s worth.

What Is CCNA Salary? 

The average pay for someone with this certification is $80,000 annually.

According to, below are the typical annual wages for individuals holding the CCNA qualification just since September 2021:

  • Senior network engineer: about $116,000
  • Network engineer: about $85,000
  • Network administrator: about $69,000
  • Network specialist: about $64,000
  • IT support specialist: about $53,000

Wrapping Up

Is Cisco CCNA worth it? Again and again, the answer is always yes all the time! It helps you confirm your position compared to other candidates in the labor market and demonstrate your qualifications to employers.

Do not hesitate if you are planning to take this certification exam! It’s worth the effort and time you put in! Thanks for reading!