OSCP Certification Overview

Are you pursuing a career path in information security? Have you heard of the OSCP certification? What skills does this certificate demonstrate?

In this post, I will discuss the basic features of OSCP certification. You will also learn more about its requirements and costs. Then, you can decide if it will benefit the route you choose.

Lastly, I will also provide some helpful advice on becoming an OSCP. Keep reading to find out!

What Is An OSCP Certification?

OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) is the most popular certificate for ethical hacking. It validates the candidate’s knowledge of testing with tools included in Kali Linux.

Meanwhile, Kali is an open project that helps professionals adjust the systems. Holding the certificate proves that you have the capacity to use this tool.

Also, it indicates that you have the skills required for multiple security tasks. Some popular examples are testing and editing the codes. You can also assess the security level of a specific system.

Pursuing this exam requires a combination of skills and experience. You must have a deep understanding of hacking. For this reason, OSCP is very valuable.

OSCP certificate

Who Issues OSCP Certification?

The organization behind OSCP is Offensive Security. This company teaches different testing methods. It also instructs using the tools included in Kali Linux.

Its aim is to help companies fight against cyber threats. It devotes the resources to improving online security. The company also offers courses and learning paths for beginners.

How To Become An OSCP?

There are three paths to help you achieve this goal. The simplest solution is to sign up for an individual course. It involves 3 months of lab access and self study.

Learners will then have one exam to pass. If you want to study on your own with a flexible schedule, this path may be the most suitable option for your needs.

Meanwhile, you can also consider the higher courses if you want to access more resources. They offer more days of lab time as well as two exam attempts. The only setback is that they come with significantly higher prices.

The highest option is the Learn Unlimited course. It features the highest price with the highest benefits. You will get unlimited exam attempts, for example. The course also provides up to one year of lab access.

There are many training courses for OSCP

How To Obtain The OSCP Certification?

You first need to research the Penetration Testing course with Kali Linux (PWK). Completing this course qualifies you for the final exam. It will train you on various skills and aspects needed for the exam.

The Final Exam

You can take the OSCP exam to obtain the certification after finishing the Penetration Testing course. The OSCP exam will last a full day and take place in a lab. During this period, you must perform and finish the tests.

There are various targets to surpass within a set time frame. It will test your thinking and your capacity to solve problems. Also, you must be persistent throughout the process to deliver a good performance.

It’s pretty similar to how professionals deal with tasks in their real jobs. The exam will test your skills in practical situations. Thus, you should join the preparation tests to get familiar with the situation first.

Getting The Certification

You will get the certification after completing the OSCP exam. It proves that you are competent enough to perform different security duties. At this time, you have had a firm standing in the industry.

This certificate requires high dedication and discipline. You must spend a lot of time studying for yourself besides the course. Also, train with actual situations to accumulate more experience.

Exam Requirements

There may be more than one exam attempt. It depends on the type of course you follow. Students can sit for the certification after they finish a course.

You will need some solid knowledge of Kali Linux and networking. Familiarity with the popular programming languages is also essential. You can learn these skills from scratch on the training courses.

Also, it requires candidates to be good at solving problems. There are many preparation exams on these skills. You can join these sessions and prepare the best for the final exam.

Certification Cost

One setback of OSCP is its high cost. Learners typically have to pay for a full course to achieve this certificate. This course costs around $1499 per individual.

It features a maximum of 90 days of training in the lab. Meanwhile, there’s only one exam attempt for learners.

Another option is the Learn One course, with $2,499/year. Learners can get up to one year in the lab plus two exam attempts.

Join a course to develop your skills

OSCP Salary

This certificate applies to various security roles. The size of the organization you work for will also affect your salary. Thus, there’s no fixed salary for OSCP.

However, you can earn from $80,000 to $120,000 annually. It depends on the organization’s scale and your performance.

Is OSCP Different From a CEH Certification?

CEH and OSCP are the two most popular certifications for penetration testing. Each option fills a specific purpose in the industry. However, there are many crossovers between these two categories.

CEH holders have the skills and thinking of traditional hackers. It lacks a deep knowledge of security. It features lower difficulty than the OSCP certification.

Meanwhile, OSCP focuses more on labs with a higher level. If you want to develop a profound career in the field, OSCP is a more suitable choice.

Final Thoughts

In summary, OSCP certification gathers the essential skills of white hat hacking. It’s an essential tool for any security professional. With OSCP, you can prove your capacity to recruiters and develop your career.

Therefore, prepare your best for the exam by investing in the full courses. Don’t forget to train your coding skills and related tasks in your free time.

I hope you will give an excellent performance! Thank you for reading!