CISSP Certification Overview

CISSP is among the most popular certificates in the cyber field. It covers a wide range of knowledge as well as brings the holders high recognition. If you are planning to own CISSP, you have come to the right place!

In this post, I will discuss all features and values of CISSP certification. Thus, you can decide if it can benefit your career path and make the right decision.

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What is CISSP Certification?

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is an IT certificate offered by (ISC)². It aims at experts in the cyber field who want to advance their career path.

CISSP verifies the essential skills in the industry. For example, the holders can use and manage the top security programs.

Candidates can become a member of (ISC)² after obtaining the certificate. It will unlock access to many valuable resources and educational tools.

This tool features very high recognition in the field. Candidates can easily qualify for starting positions with CISSP in their portfolio. Yet, acquiring CISSP is quite challenging, especially for beginners with low experience.

Candidates must pass a four-hour exam to acquire the certificate. It consists of 175 questions that cover a wide range of domains. Some popular examples are security and management practices.

CISSP certificate

Who Should Go for CISSP?

Many people want to go for CISSP at the early time of their career. You may also want to acquire it right after completing the college course. Thus, it may help you find a rewarding entry job and advance faster.

Yet, CISSP is not an ideal option for beginners. There are certain requirements you have to meet to qualify for it. For instance, candidates must have at least 5 years of working in the field to join the exam.

The number will narrow down to 4 years if you have achieved an undergraduate degree. Thus, a bachelor’s degree may assist you in acquiring CISSP.

The organization has developed CBK, also known as the Body of Knowledge. It gathers all the essential knowledge that the experts in their field must know.

This list consists of 8 domains. Your previous work must be related to at least one or two domains mentioned. Therefore, CISSP is not an option for newly graduated candidates.

In addition, you must pay annual fees to maintain your CISSP. Despite its high value, CISSP will cost you a lot of time and money. Thus, you should consider its requirements carefully before deciding.

CISSP is designed for experienced professionals

Benefits of CISSP Certification

CISSP is among the most valuable certificates for IT experts. It can bring higher salaries and more job opportunities to the holders.

Here are some popular benefits that CISSP provides:

Increased Earning Potential

The salaries of CISSP holders vary based on their positions and working place. According to (ISC)², experts earn a salary of $120,000 per year.

The average salary for CISSP holders in North America can go up to $138,647. These numbers belong to the top-earning regions within the IT industry.

Most employers value experience and high expertise. Therefore, this tool can help you reach higher positions in your company.

Compete With Candidates

CISSP can make your profile much more impressive to recruiters. You can compete with many other candidates because most beginners in the field cannot acquire this certification.

Yet, the value CISSP brings is higher for those who have worked in the field for many years. An experienced expert can use CISSP to apply for more advanced positions.

Higher Expertise

All CISSPs must possess a solid foundation in the world of IT security. They have to pass the final exam and work hard to maintain their degrees. Therefore, CISSP helps raise the industry’s standard and expand candidates’ skills.

For example, you must earn education credits after acquiring the certification. Thus, it pushes you to seek constant education and deepen your knowledge.

Network With Other CISSPs

As mentioned above, you can become an (ISC)² member after acquiring this certificate. All members must acquire a similar degree to join the community. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to meet experienced and skillful cyber experts.

Being a member, you can gain higher credit and broaden your job prospect. You also have the chance to learn from the other experts’ experience.

(ISC)² also grants you access to valuable learning resources and volunteer opportunities. There are also discounts offered if you want to pursue the other (ISC)² certificates.

CISSP can help advance your career prospect

How To Earn a CISSP Certification?

Candidates must meet the requirements issued by (ISC)² to acquire the degree. However, the candidates can still join the exam without meeting the conditions.

After passing the exam, you must work to build your experience. You will get certified after accumulating enough experience with a real job.

Pass The Exam

According to the exam format, you will have to complete 125 – 175 questions within 4 hours. The test consists of multiple-choice questions and advanced items to test your capacity.

Candidates who score 700 out of 1000 points will pass this test. However, this exam format is not only available in English; there are other different formats designed for foreign languages.

The registration fee is $749. However, you may have to pay a lot more to access the training courses offered by (ISC)². Failed candidates can retake the test one month after the first attempt.


The next step is to seek an endorsement from a degree holder. It verifies that you have met all the conditions to qualify for CISSP. You must complete this task within 9 months after completing the exam.

Annual Fees & Further Education

The members must pay an annual fee to maintain their certificates. Also, you must earn CPE credits every three years. The most popular methods are attending conferences or joining volunteer campaigns.

What Does a CISSP Do?

The specific tasks will vary between roles and organizations. In general, a CISSP holder will help secure the organization’s system against threats.

You may also perform audits to test a system. Then, you will gather data and develop reports. The companies will use your work to improve their systems.

Final Thoughts

CISSP has become a standard in the cyber field. With this certificate, you can earn higher income and respect within the industry. CISSP also helps advance your career path to higher positions.

CISSP will expand your skills and practical experience. Thus, all experts in the cyber field should pursue this valuable certificate. Ensure that you devote all your time and effort to passing the final exam.

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