How Hard Is the CCNA Exam? 5 Tips To Pass Easily

CCNA is one of the most excellent certificates to obtain if you want to acquire a solid career. To obtain this certification, you must first pass the test. Many people still wonder:

Is the Cisco CCNA hard for beginners?

No. You will not find the test too challenging if you prepared adequately for it, followed the curriculum, and studied all the topics included in this exam.

We will clarify it in the following sections. Let’s scroll down to discover!

Is the CCNA Hard?

The answer is No. If you prepare well for this exam, you can completely get the certificate you want. 

You may have heard many individuals fail the CCNA test or claim it is challenging because they failed it. But the reality is that no matter how much IT experience you have or how well-versed you are in the test, preparation is necessary. 

Once you have prepared for it, you can pass the test easily.

What Is CCNA? 

This certification primarily focuses on Cisco equipment, unlike other vendor-neutral certifications, such as CompTIA Network+, which generally concentrates on networking technology.

It prepares workers for new roles like network support, associate security, and network administrator professionals. 

There was just one Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate in the past. Cisco has separated it into multiple categories for every IT specialty, such as CCNA Switching and Routing, to serve its clients better.

CISCO certified CCNA Routing & Switching

It is the primary emphasis of Security, Collaboration, and other certifications. Each has its set of prerequisites, the correct number, and kind of examinations, as well as the requirements.

The primary purpose is to provide an associate-level qualification for networking enthusiasts and newcomers who have earned some experience in the sector via past employment.

Students who take this program must learn how to install, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco’s medium equipment, as well as other relevant devices.

Students will be trained on and evaluated on end-to-end networking diagnostic and installation procedures as part of this program.

Candidates who achieve the CCNA will gain hands-on experience learning about the basics and concepts of the Cisco networking ecosystem.

In addition, the Cert would provide novices with a solid grasp of how to use information technology equipment without difficulty.

How Difficult Is It To Pass The CCNA Exam?

In short, the new Cisco Network Associate certification test and curriculum are more complicated than the previous one. 

Candidates must have a more profound conceptual knowledge and understanding due to changes in the curriculum and assessment sectors.

Previously, you may begin with the CCENT certification and then go to the Switching and Routing certification. 

You won’t miss any priority areas with the updated version of the CCNA. However, the number of networking essentials has substantially expanded.

It necessitates more excellent knowledge of the studied topic and a broader perspective. The previous exam covered the fundamentals, but this one goes further.

multiple devices icon

As a result, this certification has dramatically increased the obstacles. This certification covers all the network essentials necessary from start to end.

For experts who are new to programmability and automation, it might be challenging.

Exam takers who grasp fundamental networking but not automation will face a new degree of difficulty due to these changes.

How To Pass The CCNA Examination? 

It would be best if you first had a clear idea of why you earned the CCNA certification, as well as defined goals for scheduling your exam.

You may want to create a goal for yourself to take the test within the next six months and plan to study time appropriately. So, here are some tips to pass the exam that you may need.

1. Get Practical Experience

To pass the test, you will need practical and academic expertise. You have to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world networking situations as you study for the test.

2. Obtain The Suitable Study Materials

Gathering the appropriate study resources is essential for the CCNA preparation process. 

The current editions of Cisco’s books, and CCNA Switching and Routing ICND2, are the most significant resources for studying for this exam.

The “31 Days Before” series, also published by Cisco Press, is recommended. Make careful you answer all of the practice questions and complete the lab tasks.

However, before you dive into the books above, brush up on your basic math skills—you should be able to calculate in your dreams. 

3. Schedule Practice Tests

Prepare for your exam by scheduling practice exams far ahead of time. Set a time limit for yourself and review what you’ve learned in the interim. You will figure out where to improve the most.

4. Refresh Knowledge Before The Exam

Before your scheduled test date, we suggest that you reread the Cisco Press books. It can help you refresh the memory and detect anything you may have overlooked the first time through.

The last several weeks leading up to the tests should be spent entirely answering questions. Try to answer new questions by looking through internet forums and other online mock exam platforms.

It should be the moment you have a firm grip of the networking principles that will be tested on your CCNA.

5. Take A Breather

Allow yourself some break-off in the days leading up to the examinations. Relax and take things easy. The day before a test, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial.


The CCNA exam is among the most challenging on the market. It will test the students on their ability to build a network using Cisco technology during the test.

The test covers various topics, but the main focus is on switching and routing data packets. Hopefully, you have gained useful knowledge from our article.

Thank you for reading!