Is Being a Computer Engineer Worth It?

Computer engineering generally involves designing and making inner components of computers. The field is constantly evolving and changing, and businesses are looking to attract and staff talented computer engineers.

Concerning how technologies and computers are running the world, many youngsters start seeking the answer to this question:

Is being a computer engineer worth it?

Yes, being a computer engineer is the dream of millions of graduates. Those looking to raise their living standards and wishing for a sustainable future will thrive and benefit from a computer engineering career.

However, if you’re seeking a strong future and expecting to work without limits, you may find this industry not in your element.

Let’s see if you should go with this field or consider another career.

Is Computer Engineering Worth Pursuing?

Whether you’re aiming to earn high incomes every year, enhance job satisfaction, or retain a sustainable future, this desirable field hits the spot.

Ensure to involve your personal preference as well as unique strengths and weaknesses in the decision-making process.

If you have a passion for this job and desire to contribute to changing the world, you know it’s the correct path for you.

After all, only when you have enthusiasm for what you’re doing can you devote all of your potential, energy, and time to work. So, ensure to feel interested and engaged while working as an engineer.

Like any other career, you’ll encounter both pros and cons when pursuing computer engineering. Weigh up all these pointers thoroughly before making a decision.

a computer engineer working on her computer


It’s undeniable that grads can benefit a lot from this career. The most prominent advantage is probably the attractive income.

1. Job Security

Talented computer engineers are currently in exceedingly high demand. Prospective graduates, therefore, can feel assured they’ve got solid job security.

The information and computing technology industry is expected to increase by 13% during 2020-2030. This average is much larger than all other professions.

2. Great Income

The explosion of technology has opened up plentiful job opportunities to computer engineers and offered them higher salaries and living standards.

The average income of computer engineers has reached $127,038 in 2023, ranging from $79,881 to $196,540. Principal and senior software engineers, those often owning at least one computer engineering degree, can even earn $200K.

Also, most specialists within this field enjoy generous incentive packages, including vacation pay, dental, and sick pay.

3. Constant Innovation

The evolution of technology keeps changing and increasing every day and minute, leading standards to change continuously.

Computer engineers must strive to come up with new products and develop them, promoting innovation every second.

Besides, different technologies, like artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, or IoT, require a deep understanding of different programming languages.

Extra effort, devotion, creativity required makes computer engineering an innovative, exciting career and encourage job satisfaction among computer engineers.


Benefits aside, this hot and trendy market also comes with challenges and limits.

computer engineering students

1. More Limited Than Computer Science (CS)

Generally, computer engineer will do tons of research, tests and cope with hardware included in a computer.

Why do we say it’s more limited than computing science? Because you’ll only have the chance to work with allowable hardware specifications.

Workers will design, test, and develop different computer systems. Though there will be incorporation with software, computing science experts mostly deal with software programming works.

2. Expensive Degree

To make an entry into this industry, earn a high salary, and gain a great living, you’ll have to study and train a lot to acquire a qualified degree, which is prohibitively expensive.

Although some grants and scholarships aid you in reducing these costs, you should prepare a generous budget, time, and energy to obtain a professional certificate.

3. Career Future & Growth Is Less Strong Than CS

Undoubtedly, the industry is thriving and promising an even more striking explosion in the future, yet the growth rate is pretty slow.

Though this growth rate is not that bad, it’s also not as terrific as that seen in the friend category: computer science.

Grads planning to specialize in computer science will expect to see twice the growth and future strength in the topical category.


Concerning the dominance of computers and technologies, it’s no surprise many youngsters attempt to enter this real-time industry.

The more thoroughly you plan for such an important decision, the higher the chance of a successful career and happy life.

Hopefully, you have benefited from our article. Thank you for reading!