JavaScript Developer Career Overview & Outlook

Websites and software have become extremely popular in the world. Businesses all need to focus on developing sites that sell or promote products or create new technology products that are attractive to users.

The programming tools and the professionals who operate them will be the ones that bring these technological benefits to businesses and users.

Among the most effective programming languages, Javascript is still a bright spot, and javascript developers are a high-growth industry group.

As an experienced javascript developer, I want to share practical information for you to consider. This article will help you in choosing your career path.

Job Description

What Is a Javascript developer?

As computer science developed rapidly and aggressively, more optimized programming languages ​​were born.

Many different programming mediums exist, such as C++, HTML, or CSS. But if you work in this field, you must know Javascript. Its foundation is based on an upgraded prototype OOP development.

It is also one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the IT industry. In 2021, Javascript will be the most used programming medium.

Up to 64.96% of technology professionals worldwide are fluent in this language.

93% percent of web pages in the world involve JavaScript scripts. You can see many popular digital products from this programming language.

Some good examples are Google, the social network Facebook, some games like Kiwi or Babylon, Amazon, and even Netflix.

Javascript developer

Javascript developers create and operate digital products in this language, ensuring good interaction and user-friendliness for technology products.

Plus, they are also responsible for improving and fixing related day-to-day errors in their code editors. The most important task that a Javascript developer usually undertakes is the smooth back-end operation of a website or specific software.

They maintain user comfort via user-friendly interface and software features.

Duties and Responsibilities

Javascript developers are responsible for many websites or application-related issues related to their programming language.

They often work with others but need to maintain a team to support each other and teamwork more effectively.

In many projects, they will collaborate with back-end and front-end web developers to complete their work more perfectly and quickly.

Sometimes a Javascript developer can perform all these tasks simultaneously. People who can work flexibly like this often receive high praise from the business and will have better development prospects.

Here I will introduce you to some of the tasks that everyone has to do when working as a javascript developer:

  • Programming applications and software for specific purposes
  • Create software for the website
  • Maintain the operation of the software and the web
  • System maintenance
  • Ensure user-friendly web operation
  • Align software or website behavior with user actions
  • Manage web and customer interactions
  • Code testing, system risk analysis, and application security
  • Overcoming the disadvantages and design errors of technology products
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure products meet specifications and meet set standards
  • Build a library for the team that can be available in future projects

Only some Javascript developers need to fulfill the above responsibilities. Some professionals can manage the entire technology infrastructure, while those employed in a team are often more specialized.

These people will only focus on handling certain stages in an extensive system.

Workplace of Javascript Developers

The working environment for a Javascript developer is also a factor to consider.

If you work in this industry, you can contract with different organizations. Your potential employers will be any corporations, businesses, and companies that use websites and software.

Many businesses and organizations require javascript developers to work for them full-time in the office. Working time is usually 8 hours according to regular office hours, which can vary depending on circumstances.

You will need to work in a time frame that suits your work needs and the actual situation. Some agencies allow you to work part-time or do freelance work. With this type, you can go to the office or work from home as you like.

While running projects or accelerating strategy development, you may have to work overtime to complete tasks.

As such, the working environment for a javascript developer is usually flexible.

They have to work quickly but still ensure high performance. Besides, people in this profession need to frequently face computers with complex specifications.

Education Requirements

Being a javascript developer is a complex job with heavy tasks. Therefore, candidates must also equip themselves with relevant qualifications and skills to fulfill their responsibilities.

Education and Training

The qualifications are a factor that can ensure the candidate can complete the job with high efficiency.

Therefore, employers will often notice the education level of the employee first.

Javascript developers all need a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Many graduate with Computer Science majors, and some study Engineering, MIS, IT, marketing, and digital marketing.

Besides, a few have master’s or doctoral degrees and will receive better reviews and favors from employers. They are highly specialized people who can handle complex tasks and intensive tasks.

These professionals are sure to bring considerable benefits to their business or company.

Work Experience

With only theoretical knowledge, employers will not fully understand the candidate’s ability.

They will often categorize candidates based on years of experience in related fields. Those with experience working with Javascript libraries such as AngularJS, ExtJS, or Backbone JS will satisfy employers.

Plus, having worked with front-end tools for a long time is also a factor that businesses appreciate in your resume. It would help if you considered the most popular devices today are Gulp JS or Grunt.

The ability to operate these toolkits will be a bright spot to make it easier for employers to accept your CV.


The certifications you get from Javascript programming courses will be a great plus. It proves your ability to use this language fluently to handle the job. Employers will be willing to pay you more when you have these certifications.

Like many other professions, javascript developers can work in foreign-invested units or transnational enterprises.

Then, foreign language certificates will increase your competition with other candidates. They demonstrate the ability to communicate in a non-native language and promote labor productivity.

You can take the IELTS or TOEFL test for English. Meanwhile, HSK and HSKK are prestigious certificates for Chinese companies. If you want to work for Japanese partners, make sure you have a JLPT certificate in the respective capacity.

Essential Skills

Some skills to know

In addition to specialized knowledge, you will also need to equip yourself with practical skills to best handle your tasks. There are some more essential skills for Javascript developers, which I will cover below:

Hard Skills

Some hard skills that you need to focus on practicing and mastering before working as a Javascript developer are:

  • Know how to use javascript
  • Knowledge in programming and designing websites and applications
  • Ability to work with Javascript libraries
  • Proficient in using the JQuery library
  • Understand how to operate popular frameworks like Express and Nodejs
  • Ability to use other programming languages such as HTML, CSS, or C++
  • Understanding the ECMAScript standard
  • Related software and computer science skills

Soft Skills

There are some soft skills that you cannot lack to improve work performance.

  • Capture the market and customer needs
  • Highly organized
  • Teamwork skill
  • Communication skills
  • Control time and work
  • Reporting and presentation skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity in problem-solving
  • Eager to learn

Essential Tools

There are some standard tools that javascript developers often use in their work. In my experience, the most valuable tools are:

  • Joomla!
  • Coursera
  • Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)
  • JSDoc
  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
  • Sololearn
  • WordPress
  • Hackernoon
  • Code Mentor
  • CodeCombat
  • Codecademy
  • Clean Code
  • edX
  • DevDocs

Job Outlook

This job offers very high prospects for employees. According to forecasts, in the ten years from 2021 to 2031, the employment rate in this industry will increase by 23%. It is incredibly high growth compared to the general job landscape.

Also, according to this report, every year, there will be over 21,000 job openings for javascript developers. Because of the scientific and technical development, people working in this profession will always have good career prospects.

Many studies show that businesses need more qualified human resources to perform their technology development tasks.


With high career prospects and heavy responsibilities, JavaScript developers’ salaries will be commensurately increased.

A javascript developer usually gets over $75000 per year on average when they work in businesses and companies with fixed projects.

According to BLS, highly educated and experienced Javascript developers can earn up to $111,000 a year. Some highly reputable developers in the field can even make $130,000 in just 12 months of work.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I realized that there are many opportunities and some limitations that exist in this profession. I will describe these issues for you below.


  • High salary
  • Working in a variety of fields
  • Flexible working environment
  • Career development opportunities
  • Can test all the advanced features of the product
  • Train your thinking, adapting, and problem-solving abilities
  • Improve knowledge of the entire technology product development system


  • Large workload
  • Great work pressure
  • It can only grow in big cities
  • High degree and experience required
  • Need to use a high-performance computer system


Is a Javascript developer a promising career?

Yes, of course. Although the job has strict requirements, this profession offers employees a stable high income and clear advancement opportunities.

How does Javascript work differently from HTML and CSS?

Javascript offers more user-friendly interfaces than other programming languages.

For applications and websites created with HTML and CSS, you will find them relatively rigid and less interactive. In contrast, technology products based on Javascript are extremely lively and attractive.

This outstanding advantage has made Javascript a popular programming language many technology giants appreciate.

Are Javascript and Java the same thing?

Although the name sounds similar, these two concepts are not the same. Javascript and Java are two different programming languages ​​in separate cases.

Why is javascript necessary?

Javascript is a programming language with many advantages. This programming has a lot of great applications. I can mention its applications as follows:

  • Visualize the data
  • Deliver a high level of user action response
  • Make technology products more consumer-friendly
  • Use in designing, building websites, and creating software
  • Support for accessing and processing information on online websites.

Is Javascript a simple programming language?

Javascript is not an easy language to learn. There are three languages ​​used in front-end development: CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Of these, Javascript is the most complex and takes the most time and effort to understand and understand how it works.

What are some valuable materials when learning javascript?

If you want to improve your javascript usability, you should refer to Javascript & jQuery – Interactive Front-End Web Development or Eloquent Javascript.

These are two of the books that many people appreciate for their usefulness in providing knowledge of the javascript programming language.

Is a Javascript developer a front-end developer?

The answer is No. Being a Javascript developer and being a front-end developer are two different jobs.

However, Javascript developers often also have basic front-end development skills. People working in these two professions can support each other in teams to create perfect products for users.

What are free websites to learn Javascript?

Some websites that allow you to improve your Javascript programming skills for free are,, or Educative. Learn.

What makes a great Javascript developer?

A Javascript developer knows technical knowledge and professional skills. They also need to open their minds and listen to suggestions from colleagues.

Daily self-improvement efforts will be a good premise for development in all areas, including Javascript.

Should I be good at math when working as a Javascript developer?

Yes. Mathematics will be the foundation for you to learn programming languages ​​more efficiently, including Javascript.

Career Advice

JavaScript developers are multitaskers responsible for creating, operating, and managing digital products with their programming language.

They will be the key holders for the development trend of the digital world. Attractive income levels and brilliant growth prospects await those who dare to venture into this challenging profession.

Prepare yourself with the qualifications, certifications, and skills you need to overcome job challenges and advance your future. With perseverance and good work capacity, you will receive worthy incentives.

Start your career as a Javascript developer and go further in today’s tech world!