A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

The advance of technology has created conditions for the digital marketing industry to grow. This field can enhance sales and bring valuable products to users in demand.

Meanwhile, digital marketers are the link that connects products with users. The impact of an online ad depends on the competency of these professionals.

So, how is a day in the life of a digital marketer? I will give you more insights into this role based on my work experience. Keep reading to find out!

An Overview of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, or online marketing, is the practice of promoting ads through digital means. They can be computers, phones, and social media platforms.

Pewresearch suggests that 85% of Americans access online platforms daily. It means that the potential of digital marketing is endless. It can help brands reach a broader number of customers.

Almost all companies usually hire digital marketers to promote a brand or product. There are various strategies and tools used by digital marketers.

Some popular examples are social media posts, display ads, online videos, and more. The ads will help attract customers to buy a product.

There are various strategies and tools used for digital marketing

There are various strategies you can use to promote a product. Each marketer resorts to some unique tools that bring them the highest results.

Workplace and Job Overview

I’m working as a freelance digital marketer. So, I will seek short-term contracts with companies that want to promote their products.

I will use some online platforms to apply for different jobs and handle requests. I contact and exchange resources with my clients via email and some online tools.

The main method I use for digital marketing is using blogs and content. I own a website that attracts a large number of readers each month, so I will cleverly suggest the product or brand to customers via my blogs.

The content I develop revolves around home utensils. It is the niche that I have a lot of experience with. Therefore, I usually seek customers who produce or distribute these types of products.

When customers follow the link inserted on my site and buy the product, I will receive a commission. This method is a mix of affiliate and content marketing.

Research the product’s features first before promoting

1. Client & Personal Project (9:00 AM)

I usually wake up early every day and do a quick exercise. After my breakfast, I will sit at my desk at 9:00 AM and deal with my projects.

I start by reviewing the online job platform and my email first. It helps me check if there are any special requests or new contracts from my clients.

I always review and check the information related to the customer’s product first. I must thoroughly understand the values and features of the product.

If I promote low-quality products, it will negatively affect the reputation of my website. Therefore, I prioritize options that offer high quality. It will make my marketing process easier while bringing more value to my blog readers.

2. Customer Service (9:30 AM)

After reviewing the product’s information carefully, I will contact the customer. I will present the plan for promoting their products. And after acquiring a work contract, I will begin developing the content.

For example, a customer may request me to advertise their kitchen utensil set. In this case, I will develop many contents about cooking and kitchen essentials.

Then, I will mention the utensil set in my content with clever strategies. If my viewers are interested, they will follow the link and consider buying the product.

There are also many contents about kitchens and related subjects on my site. I will find suitable methods to promote the product via these unique contents.

3. Content Marketing (11:00 AM)

After forming a detailed plan, I will start writing the blog content at 11:00 AM. I research information and write the content myself when I start this website.

However, the amount of contracts has gradually increased. Therefore, I have to hire other content writers to assist me in this task. I also review all the content on my site regularly to adjust the information.

Content marketing is my main strategy

4. Reporting & Analysis (3:00 PM)

I’m currently promoting hundreds of products on my website. Therefore, I must monitor their sales results and information regularly. It will help me sort out the products that attract customers the most.

There are many tools that help me track how well a product is performing. I also collect information from customers’ reviews and competitors’ sites. If a product doesn’t generate good sales revenue, I will consider removing it from my site.

5. Work & Life Balance (5:00 PM)

My goal is to maintain a healthy balance between work and life. Therefore, I always finish my job at 5:00 PM and spend the rest of the day with my family.

I also devote my free time to learning and improving my marketing skills. I will research strategies that may bring higher sales results. Also, I also learn SEO, Facebook Ads as well as other online courses to attract more customers.

Manage and grow my website

Is Digital Marketing For You?

ComputerCareers.org indicates that digital marketers earn an average of $83,799 per year. Yet, top marketers with many successful marketing ideas can make much more.

Another advantage of this field is that it features opportunities for new people. You can easily kick-start a career in digital marketing without much experience or degree.

Some examples are starting a marketing blog or building your social media account. You can quickly boost your sales and become a successful marketer.

One of the most important skills of excellent digital marketers is creativity. Besides, it’s also the ability to understand customers’ needs and use the right marketing strategy.

If you are good at sales and influencing other people, digital marketing is a worthy career to consider.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is one of the most popular means of helping businesses or individuals generate a lot of profit. It helps connect quality products with users.

With high competency, digital marketers can work for large tech corporations and earn high incomes. You can also start your own marketing projects and make the best out of your creativity.